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    Wow Jessie, you are working hard! At this point I would try and figure out if his fussiness after feeds is due to continued hunger or perhaps GI discomfort of some kind. I would talk to Darby's pediatrician about the possiblity of him reacting to something in your diet.

    Also, does he take a pacifier? Maybe try the pacifier while you continue to cradel him after feeds to see if he is just seeking soothing and comfort.

    Best of luck!

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    Thank lynae, I'm shattered but hey I suppose it's worth it. On the plus side my stomach's pretty much gone back to normal! We don't use pacifiers, never have and to be honest I'd rather not. Both my other boys never had them - Vale sucked his thumb but has pretty much stopped doing it on his own now except when he's particularly tired/upset and Flynn rocks himself while cuddling his teddy. I'll ask about GI discomfort at our next scheduled check up in a week or so - they didn't seem overly concerned about it at his last check up but we'll see! Jessie

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    Wow! All I can say is well done you! I second crunchymama's suggestion of a sling - fabulous inventions they are! I had a simliar experience to zaelia when I was stuck with my twins on me for a whole day: I was just too tired to be bothered to move them especially when they'd be back feeding in another hour! Take heart though: it did settle down into a much more managable routine after a few weeks (which at the time did feel like forever and my husband did take the brunt of the tears/frustration etc.). You seem to be doing a great job at keeping positive though so hang onto that. As to the fussiness after finishing eating, I'd second the suggestion to get some medical advice on that. Can't believe he's over 13lbs at 1month, my twins were at least 5 months before they hit that weight! Hang in there, girl, you're doing a fantastic job!

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    Hello all, Just thought I'd check in. Darby is now 8 months old and I did stick with breast feeding - not sure how but we did it! He's pretty much on sippy cup all the time now. Just wanted to thankyou all for your advice. Jessie

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    I'm glad you did. I also have a continuously hungry baby. She is three months old and she eats so often and so long I have pressure bruises all over my arms from where here head lays.
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