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    Extremely hungry newborns: breast or bottle?

    Hello everyone,

    My son Darby is now 9 days old. Not meaning to be crude but the boy is permenant attached to my boob and always hungry! I breastfed his 2 brothers until they were weaned with no problems. I'm not sure whether to continue persisting with breastfeeding despite how much it's draining me and hope that he settles down or to move to bottles etc. Docs have said is completely up to me but just not sure what to do... Anyone else experienced this problem??

    Thanks, Jessie x

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    I had this problem too. I was exhausted, my boobs were sore, I was neglecting my other child and my house was a mess.
    We began supplementing with formula when she was about 6 weeks old. It helped so much - Others could help feed her (ie DH during the night) and it seemed to keep her fuller for longer. I had more free time (I also felt like she was permanently attached to me!) and was a lot calmer.
    We still formula feed by night and BF by day. Sometimes, we throw in a bottle feed by day too. My supply has gone down and I don't think I'd be able to get it back up if I wanted to, which is something to consider.
    I'd definitely recommend combi feeding. Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks lucykate. Did you find you had any problems switching between breast and bottle? Would be a new experience for us as we went straight from breast to sippy cup at about 6 months with the other 2... I'll be very interested in how much weight he's put on when health visitor comes on monday...

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    I have been switching between breast and bottle since the beginning. My daughter is 5 weeks old and we haven't had any problems. I mostly do bottles in the day (and breast feed a bit here and there when it's easier/quicker to pop a boob out instead of making a bottle!) and breastfeed exclusively in the night. She seems to really like both. She's also a big eater and seems hungry pretty much all the time! I hope that helps...I know we are lucky cause I have heard of 'nipple confusion' but she really seems fine with both.

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    As a breastfeeding peer counselor I can tell you that there definitely is such a thing as nipple confusion and if you start supplementing you are likely looking at an earlier weaning. It's a slippery slope. Do it if you feel you have to but be warned.
    Have you at all considered seeing a lactation consultant or going to a La Leche League meeting? I would highly recommended it. It could be that your baby has a poor latch and therefore needs to nurse constantly because he's not getting very much out. Is his weight gain ok and is he wetting enough diapers? Are you experiencing sore nipples? If you are, your baby could be tongue-tied (a condition easily corrected).
    Some mothers are just not prepared for how often a baby really needs to eat, however since you have successfully nursed your other babies and know what is normal, then it probably isn't.
    Again, meeting with other experienced mothers at a breastfeeding support group can be a great help. There are many little tips and tricks they can share to help you through this. Of course your doctor wouldn't tell you not to bottle feed; he or she wouldn't want to offend you; and frankly many health care providers are poorly educated in the details of breastfeeding.
    I would highly encourage you to get help and keep going. It is so worth it. If you can get your hands on a book called "The Breastfeeding Answer Book" by Jack Newman and Theresa Pittman (and find the time to read it, as it has some of the best information and clear answers I have ever come across) that would be great as well.
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