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    I also have training in breastfeeding.
    #1 Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby. It is cheap, sterilised, contains antibodies and is 100% portable.
    The milk at the end of a breast feed it more dense- it is called hind milk. If he is falling asleep at the breast it may be worth waking him up (a nappy change and a tepid face washer usually does the trick!) then reattach so he gets that calorie dense hind milk that comes at the end of a feed. This will keep him full longer.
    In the scheme of life a few weeks is not worth stressing about and I totally agree with mimimommy that switching to a bottle not only can cause nipple confusion but negatively impact on long term speech development of your baby.
    Stick with it, in the long run it will settle and life will be alot easier than toting around bottles and sterilising.
    If you are desperately tired and not coping I strongly suggest contacting a lactation consultant for 1:1 support and advice to help sort out any specific needs you might have.

    Keep persevering, you are doing a great job!
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    Not sure how much use this is, but here is my experience: My daughter used to breastfeed for up to an hour quite often if I let her, and I usually did, unless I reallly needed to be doing something else. She was generally a very physically independent baby - preferred to be rocked to sleep in a bassinet rather than be cuddled - but liked long, sleepy, cuddly feeds, so I figured this was our cuddle time and just enjoyed it. Although I had a luxury of time, as she is my first born!

    Just wondering if you mean formula when you talk about using bottles? I expressed and used bottles of breastmilk from about 2 weeks, usually 1 feed per day and usually given by my husband. It allowed me to catch up on sleep here and there and got her used to switching between the two and being fed by someone else (also good for having a glass of wine!)

    Some good points raised by others of things to check out. Also I would say it's early days, hang in there if you can :-)

    Good luck!
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    Thankyou for all your very helpful advice. I'm pretty sure there's not much up with his latch etc. He's pretty much draining both breasts completely at each feed now. There are a few when he'll have one and a half but he always has more than just one. Big increase on the others who pretty much alternated each feed. He does have a tendency to fall asleep as he finishes the second one - to be honest am grateful for that! We're going through 7-8 wet nappies a day. Nipples are ok but breasts are filling that much already: is a little alarming! He is a big baby 10lb 7oz birthweight - wondering if thats the reason? Am just exhausted all the time. I'll be very surprised if he hasn't put on weight on monday... I'll look into breastfeeding groups etc. - thanks for that. J

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    Could you please link to any info about speech development and switching back & forth between breast and bottle?

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    I would be weary of substituting any feeds at this early stage while your supply is still establishing itself. If you do, your supply will take longer to reach a point where it meets his needs and you might end up having to substitute more and more which can lead to a whole other range or problems (nipple confusion, breast refusal etc.)

    In the end though you have to choose what is right for your family and if moving to bottles is going to save your sanity than it might be what you need to do.

    If it was me I'd try and ride it out as long as possible, it normally takes a few weeks for things to get settled so hopefully in time things will improve for you.
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