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    Jemima - Girly, innocent.
    Adelaide - A favorite name! Strong but very girly, sensible, smart & very sophisticated
    Felicity - Happy and energetic.
    Violet - Calm, neat.
    Sophie - boring
    Maeve - Humble name but nms
    Daisy - Cute, happy. Daisy and Felicity go together so well!
    Ivy - Shy and misunderstood, but ppl are still attrachted to her.
    Elsa - Elsa, Felicity & Daisy ! Cute!
    Mabel - Calm & Conserved
    Hazel - Smart kid
    Ingrid - can go either way imo, gentle or rough.
    Poppy - A woman who is driven by sucsess and burns herself out all the time, emotionaly and physically.
    Florence - Love Florence! Peacful name. Reminds me of a large bird gliding on a breeze

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    [QUOTE=hannah333;1377597]I would love your thoughts on these names (I'm not pregnant just curious):
    Jemima- i can't help but think of pancakes
    Adelaide- i like this name and considered it for my own baby at one time. The nn's are cute
    Felicity- i still think of the lack-luster sitcom
    Violet- Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "your turning violet Violet!"
    Sophie- its ok, dad LOVES this name, its also the name of the character in the book The DaVinci Code, who is later thought (in the book) to be the last living heir of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene
    Maeve- i considered this name shortly, but decided that it was too short syllable'd to be a strong choice for a first name
    Daisy- cute, my neice thinks of only the duck...
    Ivy- league or blue or poison
    Elsa- this is the name I attribute to a maid
    Mabel- cute
    Hazel- my husbands cousins name...i like it
    Ingrid- very under-utilized and i think its a nice name
    Poppy- i think of a flower, and a muffin
    Florence- i think of Nightingale or Henderson

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