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    It seems we have the same taste in names, so needless to say I think all of the names on your list are divine and I love your combinations!

    P.S. Daisy Beatrice is on my list as well, and Elsa Primrose is stunning!
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    Jemima - I like this name, but I'm not sure the general population is at the point of seeing past the Syrup and the stereotypes.
    Adelaide - LOVE Adelaide, Adelaide by Anberlin is a great song.
    Felicity - Like it, but can't picture it on a child
    Violet - Not my style
    Sophie - Not my style
    Maeve - Not my style
    Daisy - I think it's too cutesy to grow up with
    Ivy - I like it, but wouldn't use it
    Elsa - Like it, but have it associated to a dog
    Mabel - I like Mabel, but it reminds me of a manners rhyme, I like the maybe-up-&-coming Maple more.
    Hazel - It's just okay
    Ingrid - Dislike
    Poppy - Cute on a baby, can't picture an adult, or teen Poppy
    Florence - I like Florence!! Lots of cute nicknames! Also like Flora alone

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    Thanks for all your comments so far! I love the feedback. I'm from the UK so I don't know whether Jemima would be such a problem here...
    oh and namelover7 thank you so much for those lovely comments! Daisy Beatrice is actually the name of my great-grandmother but I just thought it was such a stunning combination I just had to steal it
    ashthedreamer I love the idea of Daisy as a nn for Adelaide! Thank you
    Thanks for all the great feedback berries!
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    Felicity is a name I have been pondering.
    It seems known, pretty, not too popular and have a variety of nn.

    Like it alot.
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    Jemima-Interesting, I haven't actually met a Jemima but it is rather cute. I'm not sure if it would age well though.

    Adelaide-Sorry I'm not a fan.

    Felicity-I'm not sure. Its one of those names that are growing on me though.

    Violet-I don't know honestly, it seems to have become one of those trendy revived names these days however.

    Sophie-Pretty, I like it!


    Daisy-Not my cup pf tea.

    Ivy-Again, very pretty.

    Elsa-Different, I'm not fond of it though.

    Mabel-It dosen't work for me.

    Hazel-I don't think I would have considered it before, but it is growing on me.


    Poppy-Sorry, Its always seemed a weird name to me.

    Florence-My great-aunt was called Florence, but we called her Flo. As for a name these days, I think its rather dated.

    Out of all the names I like Ivy and Sophie the best. But listen, this is just my personal taste and it really shouldn't deter you from names that are appealing to you. Everyone has different tastes, and names can be very polarizing.

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