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    Love your thoughts!

    I would love your thoughts on these names (I'm not pregnant just curious):

    I'd also love any first and middle combinations and any other names that you would suggest are always appreciated! Thanks so much
    Currently loving:
    Evelyn Hazel nn Evie, Mabel Coralie, Violet Sophie, Sophie Florence, Daisy Beatrice, Ivy Adelaide and Elsa Primrose
    Noah Reid, George Timothy, Rory Hugo, Henry Atticus, Charles Nathaniel nn Charlie, Oscar Tobias and Harvey Thomas

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    I like most of the names on your list. The only one I would never use is Sophie because it has such a soft sound. And I would would only use Daisy as a nickname for Margaret.

    Jemima Maeve
    Jemima Ivy
    Jemima Ingrid
    Adelaide Poppy
    Adelaide Hazel
    Felicity Maude
    Violet Elsa
    Maeve Jemima
    Maeve Florence
    Ivy Adelaide
    Elsa Poppy
    Elsa Florence
    Mabel Violet
    Hazel Ingrid
    Ingrid Maeve
    Ingrid Ivy
    Ingrid Elsa
    Ingrid Poppy
    Ingrid Mabel
    Poppy Adelaide
    Poppy Jemima
    Poppy Florence
    Florence Adelaide
    Florence Mabel
    Florence Maeve
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    Ones I like:
    Sophie - but it's way too common

    I don't like the rest, but I really do not like:
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    I like:
    Felicity- I like the spunkyness and pretty sound of Felicity.
    Violet- I like -et/ette names, and flower names, so I like Violet.
    Sophie- I like her soft, pretty, and sophisticated sound.
    Ivy- I don't know why, I just love it!
    Hazel- Ditto Ivy!
    I have no opinion towards:
    Maeve- I like Eve and Evie, but not Mae (I do like May, though).
    Daisy- Just a bit boring.
    Elsa- She's just kind of bland, but I like Elle, Ellie, and Ella.
    Mabel- Sounds alot like maple, which I dislike, but has the nn possibility for Belle, which I like.
    Poppy- I like it but it sounds like a nn.
    Florence- I like Flora, but this reminds me of the town.
    I dislike:
    Jemima- Reminds me too much of the syrup company.
    Adelaide- The -laide ending is too harsh.
    Ingrid- It is just too harsh overall.
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Adelaide - I have grown to like Adelaide a lot. It's such a charming, rich, girly, pretty choice, but I prefer Adele personally. I would love to meet an Adelaide, though!
    Felicity - love. I'm considering it as a MN right now. I prefer it as a MN in general, but it is nice.
    Violet - adore! Violet is in my top five. I love it so much. It seems utterly perfect to me.
    Sophie - love this, too. Due to its popularity, and its sort of insubstantial feel to me, I would probably use it as a MN, but I do like it a lot.
    Maeve - I've never been able to get behind this, sorry! I do like just Mae, but Maeve has always felt harsh to me.
    Daisy - Daisy feels too cutesy for me, but it is cute! I think Adelaide or Margaret, nn Daisy, would be lovely, though!
    Ivy - love! It never quite makes it to my short list but I would love to meet a little girl with the name and I think it's just so charming.
    Elsa - like, but don't love. There are a lot of other Elizabeth forms I like better--like Isabelle, Lillian, Eliska, Lisette, and Elizabeth itself.
    Mabel - most people seem to love it, but it still feels really, really old-fashioned to me.
    Hazel - love! I wish I could find a spot on my list for it, but I can't really seem to make it work. I love to see others use it!
    Ingrid - it seems like a lot of Berries love it, but I've never really seen the appeal. It's a nice name but I like Astrid a lot more!
    Poppy - love! It seems like it's too cutesy for a lot of people but I adore it and I think it's perfect. I think Penelope and Josephine are lovely full names for it, and I love it as a MN, too...
    Florence - I don't love it, but I adore Fleur and Flora!

    Violet, Sophie, Felicity, Ivy, and Hazel are my favorites!

    Good luck!
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