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    Smile HELP need cool middle name for baby avery

    HELP need middle name for baby avery, due in july. last name is rothwell, if that helps.
    brother: micah fox
    brother: orson west
    sister: rory cooper
    sister: stella bay
    sister: cameron bell
    much love, thanks for all the awesome advice xoxo
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    Using your current names I thought something not too frilly, bit unusual touch of nature feel... Hope I guessed something appealing.

    Avery Sage Rothwell
    Avery Fern Rothwell
    Avery Juniper Rothwell
    Avery Pearl Rothwell
    Avery Fleur Rothwell
    Avery Teale Rothwell
    Avery Selene Rothwell (kind of cool cause you could have Stella 'stars' and Selene 'moon')
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    wow your names are awesome we are like nameberry twins! lol. love your names for your future daughter, chloe, rose, skye, and fiona would be so pretty with brooke. much luck. thanks for the great advice.

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    If you'd like you can do a C name because she has two sister is B, and only one with C.

    Avery Carmen
    Avery Caroline
    Avery Cassidy
    Avery Chloe

    Avery Serenity
    Avery Kerensa
    Avery Noel/Noelle
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    I also like the idea of a C middle name to go with Rory's, as her other 2 sisters have B middles.
    Avery Creek
    Avery Cassia (Means cinnamon)
    Avery Cinnamon
    Avery Calla (A type of lily)
    Avery Camellia
    Avery Carnation
    Avery Chrysanthemum
    Avery Cloud
    Avery Clover
    Avery Coral
    Avery Crystal
    Avery Crow
    Avery Coriander
    Avery Cypress
    Hope I helped!
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