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  • Esme Genevieve

    9 23.08%
  • Esme Juliette

    22 56.41%
  • Esme Olivia

    8 20.51%
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    Which middle name for Esme?

    I would pronounce it EZ-may
    I am not expecting yet - but I have been mulling over girl names for weeks! When I was expecting little man, my husband and I could not agree on a girl name. I have my boy names narrowed down but want to get some opinions for girl names

    Esme Genevieve (husband's sister is named Gina, and Gina is listed as a variation of Genevieve)
    Esme Juliette
    Esme Olivia

    Any suggestions?
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    I like Esme Genevieve best. When I considered Esme for my DD, I was going to name her Esme Clara, if that interests you
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    I voted for Esme Juliette, but it was a really tight call between Esme Juliette and Esme Genevieve for me. However, I hadn't scrolled down before I cast my vote, and I do think that Genevieve gets extra points because it would honor family. Both combinations are gorgeous.

    I love Esme and Olivia both, but for some reason I don't like the flow of Esme Olivia for some reason. I can't even explain why, but it just doesn't sound quite right to me.

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    What I need is to get pregnant with twin girls, so I can name them Esme Genevieve and Isla Juliette DONE!

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    I love Esme Genevieve! I adore Olivia and Esme Olivia, too, but Esme Genevieve has a je ne sais quoi that Esme Olivia doesn't have for me... I like the subtle family connection for Genevieve, too.
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