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    What is wrong with me?!?!

    So two of my threads got locked this week, I'm assuming because they mentioned a few "not nice" words that some of my favorite names sound like or could be teased about.

    Namely Annalie and Aurla. I'm sure you can figure out the nasty word that goes with the first and the second... well lets just say Aurla sounds like Orla, which when the letters are scrambled is... yeah. You get it now.

    So I understand why the threads were locked. But I didn't give it much thought until I found a new name today that I found absolutely breath taking. The perfect combination of what I loved about Annalie and Aurla. It was PERFECT. It was Aurelie.

    Then I said it out loud.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! Why do I like names that look or sound dirty?!

    I do find this slightly humorous, so I thought I'd share.

    Sierra Ann
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    I think Aurelie is a stunning name. I think adding the "accent aigu" to the e in Aurélia, it changes the pronunciation from Orally to O-RELL - ee. I do hear what you are saying, and definitely see the teasing potential so what about making it Aurelia? I think it fixes the problem for the most part (Aurélia is even better!).

    You may also like the names:
    Aurora - g
    Aura - g
    Aurelian/Aurelian - b
    Orlando nn Orly/Orla for b or g

    xo Viv
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    I know what you mean. I always liked Sophie until I saw that it can be misheard as "Soapy'. Erin is another love which can be misheard as "Aaron".
    Truthfully I think people are attracted to sounds they like.
    All of my 3 children have names with a "K" sound in them, and I didn't realise this until much later. Even now I love Chloe as a name- another 'K' sound!
    I think you like names that start with an "a". I wouldn't worry too much what rude minded people think.
    Love Aurelie- sounds pretty.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Aurelie is a nice name. I have also met girls named the following (that are similar to Aurelie):


    I have seen and heard many variations of putting many vowels in one name with "R"s or "L"s as the dominant consonant.

    And I don't think anything is wrong of you for liking those names. Especially the new one you've found: Aurelie.
    Like Viv has said, it is very close to Aurelia which is also beautiful.

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    Aurelia was on my long list. It just doesn't do it for me, though. I love -lie endings!

    What if Aurelie were pron Ahr-uh-lee instead of ohr-uh-lee?

    I do like Aura. Also Auria/Aria. Eulalie feels a bit too... out there for the rest of my taste. Aurora is a little too disney, but it's beautiful. I sort of like Orly and Orla, also.

    I just remember playing the song Aura Lee for a piano lesson when I was young and thinking it was such a beautiful melody. (Elvis Presley's song Love Me Tender was written with the same tune.) Sigh.

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