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    I suppose it really could go either way as far as pronunciation. The main reason -ohr came naturally to me first is because of the aur in Laura, but now that you brought up Audrey and Aurora its easier to see pronouncing it ahr. One of my favorite boy names is August, also and that is pron like Ah, too.

    Long story short, if I have a future daughter we might spend our whole lives correcting people. I think I could handle that and I'll have to think if I want to put my daughter through it.

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    I always liked the very Irish name Assumpta...sounds...not so good, lol. I always thought Orla was cool, I didn't even notice the unfortunate anagram.
    And the name Aurelie always reminds me of the French movie "Love Me If You Dare" (French title: "Jeux d'Enfants"), the main character played by Guillaume Canet hits on a girl in an exam hall called "Aurelie Miller", and I can hear the teacher calling her name out in her French cool. lol.

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    I know some one named Aura and she prounouces it Ar a ...Aurelia/Aurelie is nice ..but I don't like Orla..just too oral sounding to me..

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