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    22 year old male, LN 1: Adam Jethro Walsh
    19 year old female, LN 1: Lydia Ariel Walsh
    18 year old male, LN 1: Dexter Boone Walsh
    16 year old male, LN 1: Luca Edison Walsh
    16 year old male #2, LN 2: Mateo Conrad Patton
    15 year old female, LN 3: Laila Vivienne Baxter
    14 year old female, LN 1: Emmeline Tabitha Walsh
    13 year old male, LN 1: Lee Michael Walsh
    12 year old male, LN 1: Shane Thomas Walsh
    10 year old male, LN 2: Andrew Kai Patton

    Your name is Emmeline Tabitha Walsh and you’re 14 years old. Your parents were druggies and have been in and out of jail since as long as you can remember. You’ve been making your way through foster families almost your entire life. At first, you were kept with your siblings, but you haven’t shared a family with any of them for the past few years. You especially miss your big brother, Adam Jethro Walsh. He loved you and you loved him and looked up to him more than anyone else. He was a good kid, but you have no idea what happened to him and haven’t spoken with him since you were 8.

    You didn’t start off so bad. You were a good little girl. But being popped in and out of different families, situations, and experiences, you’ve kind of morphed into a not-so-good kid. It’s sad, really, and you wish you could change. All you really want is someone to love you. But you know that nothing you do in the foster homes will cause that to happen. Since they refuse to love you and care for you, you’ve learned to take care of yourself…and you have no problem creating issues for them as payback.

    You go to a rundown high school. It’s your freshman year and you’ve only been with this foster family for a month. You don’t have the best clothes – in fact, your clothes are pretty raggedy – so when a boy on the varsity football team starts passing notes to you in your art class, you start to feel good about yourself. His name is Mateo Conrad Patton and he’s a junior. After a couple weeks, he asks you to stay after school and watch him practice. You’ve never been shown so much positive attention, so you quickly agree.

    You’ve been going to his practices for 2 weeks now. He takes you out to dinner afterward, and then takes you home. You love not having to walk home, and it’s not like your foster parents even notice when you get home. AND you don’t have to eat their scarcely prepared, bland dinners. You’re falling more and more for Mateo by the day.

    One day, after eating, he says he wants to take you to his friends’ house, so you can hang out longer. You readily agree. You pull up to a cute house. When you get inside, you realize the place is pretty trashed, and no one’s there. He explains that his brother and his two college-mates room together, so it’s really like a frat house, and that’s why it’s so messy. He flips on the TV, and sits on the couch. You follow suit. He puts his arm around you and you lean into him. Before you know it, both your clothes are off and you’ve just lost your virginity. Afterward, he takes you home. This routine repeats nearly every day for the next few weeks.

    You wake up one morning feeling extremely nauseous. You wind up throwing up and don’t go to school. After missing a week of school for this very reason, the school calls your foster parents. They force you to go to school the next week, despite the fact that you’re clearly very sick. Since you know you’re not going to get a doctor’s visit, you learn to push past the nausea and how to soothe it – better make the best of the situation.

    You’re still going to Mateo's brother’s frat house every day after school. You’ve been going with this routine for over 4 months. One day, Mateo flat out asks you if you’re getting fat and says you need to start ordering healthier food when he takes you out to eat. You suddenly become very self-conscious. You realize you ARE gaining weight. Afraid of losing him, you start eating less, but you continue to gain weight. So you decide not to eat at all. Mateo is the best thing that’s happened to you, and you refuse to lose him.

    A few days before your 15th birthday, you wake up feeling extremely weak. You slowly stand up and walk to the bathroom, where you suddenly crash to the floor. Your foster mom rushes in, but that’s the last thing you remember. You wake up in a hospital. You see your foster parents at the foot of your bed. They look highly displeased with you, probably because they had to go out of their way to bring you to the hospital. The doctor walks in and informs you that you passed out due to malnourishment. He explains that you need to ingest twice as much of all these things that you don’t understand. He must see the perplexed look on your face because he then asks, “Didn’t you know you were pregnant?” Pregnant? WHAT? NO! You don’t have to say anything. He understands and explains that you’re 16 weeks pregnant. You don’t hear much else of what he says – you’re in complete shock.

    Your parents force you to go to school the next day. When you get there, you run straight to the bathroom and hide. You’re afraid of people noticing your stomach, and especially afraid of Mateo noticing. He hasn’t officially said you’re his girlfriend, and you know if the smallest thing goes wrong, he will easily find someone else to fulfill his needs. One of the security guards catches you in the bathroom and sends you to class. This is the worst possible time to be sent to class for it’s the class you share with him. You walk in late, everyone looks at you, and you hurry to your seat. He surprisingly doesn’t act any different toward you, and you couldn’t be anymore happy. You know you have to tell him eventually, but not quite yet.

    2 weeks go by and you’re definitely getting bigger. You’ve begged your foster parents to allow an abortion, but they refuse to allow it. They say you must suffer for your actions, yet they do nothing to stop you from going out after school. You finally decide you have to tell him. So that very day, when you get to his brother’s frat house, you blurt it all out. His face remains blank. Then he laughs. You’re confused. He asks you if you really thought he didn’t know, points to your stomach, and says it’s very obvious and everyone knows you’re pregnant. You’re speechless…but slightly happy. He knew and didn’t leave you. So you say, “You want to start a family together, then?” His face quickly becomes dark. He quickly says that there’s no proof the baby’s his and he’s fine with continuing things the way they are, but he will not take any responsibility for the child.

    You instantly become enraged, storm out of that smelly frat house, slam the door, and walk home. When you get home, you confide in your foster sister, Laila Vivienne Baxter. She says, “I could’ve told you all that was gonna happen.” For the first time, you actually feel a connection to her and begin confiding in her more often. The two of you grow to become friends, something you never thought was possible with any of your foster siblings.

    A week later, you find out the gender of your baby. It’s a girl. You and Laila pick out a bunch of names for her. You’ve narrowed the list down to 10 first names and 10 middle names. You want your daughter’s name to be unique, so you decide to spell it different than it’s normally spelled.

    4 months later, you give birth to a beautiful baby girl. She may look just like her father, but she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. You wind up naming her Khailey Izabellah Walsh. You give her your last name and list “Unknown” as her father on the birth certificate. You want absolutely nothing to do with him.

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