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    Need a FN to go with MN Georgia

    I need a first name to go with the middle name we have chosen (Georgia). It was originally going to be the first name but I am still not loving it. It's a family name and I think it's very pretty, but I don't like that it's a "place name" and it's a little more popular than I would prefer for the #1 spot...but I am very happy with it as a middle name. I would love some suggestions for an uncommon (but uncomplicated) first name that preferably does not end in "a". I prefer classic/vintage names and those that can not be dated (i.e. not Madison, Kayleigh, etc.). Other than that, I am pretty open minded! I've been searching high and low for months and nothing is really striking me. Thanks in advance for your help
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    Oh I just love Georgia as a first name!! But as a mn, let's see...

    Lucy Georgia
    Katherine Georgia
    Annelise Georgia
    Adelaide Georgia
    Camilla Georgia
    Penelope Georgia
    Ramona Georgia


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