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    Do these Spanish names cross over to English-speakers?

    Hi there!

    My husband and I both speak Spanish as a second language (English being first), although our families do not. Neither of us have latino/hispanic heritage. It is likely that once we leave New Zealand we will be living in a Spanish-speaking country, although many of our friends and all of our family reside in the US.

    There are a few Spanish word names that we are considering for either first or middle names. Wondering if you non-Spanish speakers (and Spanish speakers too) might offer your opinion. Too difficult? Too out there? Cute, strong, etc.?

    Feliz- (pronounced: feh-LEES) meaning: happy
    Jardín- (pronounced: har-DEEN) meaning: garden
    Río- (pronounce: REE-oh) meaning: river

    Bosque- (pronounce: BOS-kay) meaning: forest
    Arbol- (pronounce: AR-bohl) meaning: tree
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    I think you'll have a lot of pronunciation issues with Jardin... people will probably pronounce it pretty close to Jordan.
    I could see Feliz working, maybe better as a middle name though? And I see Rio as more of a boys name, probably just because of the -o ending.
    You might get pronunciation problems with Bosque too. And I just don't like the sound of Arbol as a name... but that's just me.
    I'm not sure if I've been any help at all, but oh well :P
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    I know it depends on what Spanish speaking country you might live in but I have a theory that countries whose culture and naming traditions are steeped in Catholicism think a majority of name words are a bad idea/absurd because at one point naming a child was serious business. I dont know that this is the case but if this is true then your child might face some teasing for having a name that's an every day word from a culture that theyre technically is not a part of.

    As for the names themselves I live in a large hispanic community and enough of them are used as place names or food products so I recognize them and can pronounce them even though I dont speak Spanish. I think Jardin and Feliz work best. I dont care for Bosque or Arbol though.
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    I would have problems with most of the names initially, but I took French, not Spanish, so that doesn't help

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    I love Arbol, its such a great name! I very much like Rio as well, for a boy or a girl. I think the j/h pronunciation is an issue for American English speakers at least, but that once you correct it, it's fine and most people get it.

    Bosque is going to be harder - most people will likely pronounce it bosk with 1 syllable rather than 2. Feliz could work as well, after an initial correction. Most people in English-speaking places will probbaly be more familiar with the spelling Felice.

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