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    Good times Charlie / Happy little Harry (Laid back, nice guy names!)

    I'm trying to come up with some laid back, nice guy names. I LOVE Harry, but DH won't budge on it. He suggested Charlie, which I like, but I just KNOW there are some less common names with the same easy, classic feel that I'm just not thinking of. Can you help?

    I need at least two syllables as last name is only one.
    Big brother is Leo. Author names are a plus.

    Others I've suggested, but that DH doesn't like:

    Others DH has suggested, but are just too nicknamey for me:

    Thanks for ideas!

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    Both are gorgeous names, DH & I LOVE Harry too but already in the family, as is Oliver.....We like Charlie too but its getting more common as a girls name and i worry that it won't seem such a strong boyish name down the track?

    What about Max or Sam? (or the longer versions of these...maybe a little common for what you are after though?)

    Sorry i am all out but look foward to seeing others feedback about your names too, have fun! :-)

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    Max and Sam are nice, but too short. Chester is kind of awesome! Hadn't thought of it before. Thanks!

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    If your not concerned about popularity Jack would be cute! (London or Kerouac)

    Some other options would be...
    Lewis (Carrol or C.S)
    Earnest (hemingway)
    Edgar (allan poe)
    George (orwell)
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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