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Thread: Wdyt??????

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    Question Wdyt??????

    Hi! My name is Shay, and I'm new to nameberry. I am 23 years old, and I am married. I heard about the site from a friend. I was wondering what you berries think of my kid's names? (and my pets )

    The Twins:
    Maverik Connor (2) AKA Bud
    Stella Charlotte (2) AKA Angel

    I am also in need of some new names for Buddy && Angel's new baby brother or sister!!

    Here are our faves for baby #3 right now:

    BOY: Issac*Henry*Michael*Kyle*Sawyer*

    GIRL: Alexa*Clarissa*Saila*Sasha*Brooke*

    I <3 different names, I love names <3

    Dominic: Bulldog mix
    Princess: Goldfish
    Blue: Goldfish

    THANKS =)

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    Welcome! I think your twins have names with an interesting blend of more modern hits (Maverik and Stella) and classics (Charlotte and Connor). Stella Charlotte is particularly lovely. It'd be great to keep that balance for your 3rd child!

    For boys, I might suggest you use Isaac, Henry or Michael in the middle (since they're more in line with Connor and Charlotte) with zippy Kyle or Sawyer up front. I think that Kyle Henry is especially handsome: crisp and fresh like your current kids' names, and I love that it ties to Stella with the L and to Maverik with the K! I've been trying to think of something with as much zing as Maverik:

    Bridger Michael
    Brady Sawyer
    Brennan Sawyer
    Willem Isaac (neat twist on classic William?)
    Finn or Flynn Michael (one-syllable Irish like Kyle, but with a bit more pop?)
    Everett Michael (nn Ever or Rhett)
    Jasper Isaac
    Garrett Kyle
    Jude Sawyer

    For girls, I find Saila too similar to Stella to use; perhaps Sailor might work? It's less feminine than most of your current faves, but it has a more distinct sound from Stella. Sasha and Stella are a tad matchy (for me), too, and I find the sounds in Stella and Alexa very similar, but I think you could get away with them okay (esp. in the middle slot). I think Clarissa and Brooke would work best with her siblings. With strong & snappy Maverik and Stella, I'd also suggest...

    Larkin Clarissa (Lark or even Birdie might be cute nn's)
    Ruby Alexa
    Eliza Brooke
    Vivian/Vivienne Saila
    Aveline Brooke (nn Ava or Lina)
    Harper Brooke
    Violet Alexa
    Winter Clarissa
    Wren Sasha (another Birdie/Bird nn?)
    Claire Alexa (as an alternative to Clarissa?)
    Arden Clarissa
    Ivy Clarissa
    Tallulah Brooke
    Talia Brooke

    I don't know if any of those strike your fancy, but I hope it helps. All the best!
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