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    When I was around nine or ten I read the dictionary (yes, really), and that's how I found out what sex was. My experience has been that just about everyone knows about sex by seventh grade (age 12-13), and that numerous lies and myths get passed from student to student about sex. Sex education in middle school and high school isn't very reliable, as the main focus is abstinence and teaching students about STDs - not sex itself. I think it's best for parents to be 100% honest with their kids when they start asking questions, as lying to them or "delaying the talk" really doesn't benefit anyone.
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    I am actually "that age", and in my district, this is what we've done that I know of:

    4th: learned about "changes" in a video, including periods, etc.
    5th: HIV/AIDS
    6th: learn about the other gender and review

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    Looked it up the world book encyclopedia here! My mother attempted a very confusing and awkward talk when I was around 10ish I think? It was terrible and she didn't say anything straightforward whatsoever. No sex ed from school either.

    I plan to talk to my girls early and keep talking more as they get older and are able to understand more and more information. Namely I want them to understand:
    -the mechanics of sex and conception
    -that sex feels good
    -that sex is special and should be taken seriously

    I want them to have the impression that I know everything there is to know and will be more than happy to tell them. I hope and pray they can avoid a lot of the confusion and misinformation that I experienced.
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    When I was nine my parents sent me to a seminar hosted at the local high school, the speaker explained all the changes that our bodies go though, menstruation and sex. I found it very informative and well timed since I started menstruating a short time later and would have flipped out had I not understood the process.
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    My parents were/are completely prudish. I was given a book, but they were so serious and uncomfortable in giving it to me, I didn't bother to open it. Just watched an 'R' rated movie at a friend's house and figured things out.

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