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Thread: Xili....?

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    I knew a girl growing up named Sealee (See-lee) and no one had a problem with it at all. She was a very popular and well liked girl.
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    I knew a Zelia growing up. Zeli would be a more instinctive spelling and a great nn for Zelia.
    I like the sound of "Z" and "X" in names.
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    I quite the sound of the name once I read how you pronounce it but it still doesn't sound like a full name to me, perhaps you could use it as a mn for something? (I'm not sure what though!) Also I think there would DEFINITELY be spelling AND pronounciation issues! When I first saw your post my first thought was that it was roman numerals! I also thought it was a boys name till you said you see it on a white blonde girl. That is my honest opinion but if you love it, go for it...

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    not trying to be mean, but when I saw this I thought it was a roman numeral!

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