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Thread: Xili....?

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    Definitely! I think that you could use Gigi as a nn for almost any G-starting name and if you favor more uncommon names, than Georgiana is a very pretty one and I think would definitely fall in that category!

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    I love it! It would definitely have to be a nn for something longer though, idk if it could stand alone. I like Georgiana a LOT, so would Gigi be a good nn for that one?

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    immediatly i pronounced it Chilli. but if you love it i say it could work and it's a pretty spunky idea.
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    Also, I think that names like Angelina or Angelique or similar names could also use Gigi as a nn! Not sure if any of those are names that you might consider.

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    Xili...I got the pronunciation right, but I think she would be explaining her name a lot growing up. I had a Xiyi in one of my classes last year, but she started using Phoebe at school. I think pronunciation was a big issue among the other kids (5-7 yr olds).

    I like Gigi much better if it captures that same sound you were after and I think Gigi could definitely be a good nn for Georgiana! I also had a Gigi in class whose full name was Giovanna.

    I think you're on track that Keelee won't age very well. Brainstorming some other short/peppy/repeat-sound names...maybe Coco, Mimi, or Rory?

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    This is why I come to nameberry lol I need the guidance! Thanks for the input zenbaby and noahsark. I've got a list to make!
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