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    Old Lady middle for Amelia

    DH loves Amelia and has given me free reign on a middle for her. I'm looking for the perfect middle name to go with DD Grace Patricia. It think a 1 or 2 syllable name would be best and I love "old lady names". So far my favorites are:

    Amelia Edith
    Amelia Maude
    Amelia Agnes

    What do you think of these and do you have any other suggestions?
    My girls: Grace Patricia "Gracie Pat" & Eloise Martha "Elsie Mae"
    If we had a baby today: Amelia Edith OR Desmond Walter
    Guys: Julian, Amos, Tobias, August, Silas, Peter
    Dolls: Iris, Marian, Hazel, Flora, Margo, Agnes

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    My favorite is Amelia Edith, I like Amelia Agnes, too, except that I can't get past the double A's.-

    Amelia Esther
    Amelia Ruth
    Amelia Kirsten
    Amelia Ellen
    Amelia Karen
    Amelia Leonora
    Amelia Winifred
    Amelia Vera
    Current Combinations: Luna Ellen, Navy Stella, Romy Alfa, Juno Luna, Indigo Ellen and Indigo Alfa.
    Other favorites: Wren, Nova, Julie

    I won't be having any kids for the next 10 years or so, but I name puppies and kittens instead: Kara, Dexter, Johanna, Beatrice 'Bea', Alis and Molly. Molly eventually became Rosa. But I wasn't completely happy with that.

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    Oooh Amelia Maude is lovely!

    My first thought when I read your topic title was Amelia Charlotte.

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    Wanting to be pregnant.

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