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    Laynee needs a middle name! ;)

    Hey Ladies- my darling husband & I have a baby due this Sepetember and we are SO ecstatic! If it is a boy, he will be named after my hubs. HOWEVER, if it is a girl, she has no name yet! I'm all about monogramming and want to be SET on a name by the time I found out the gender. So far, this is what I have:

    My dad's middle name is Layne and my mom's middle name is Marie. I would like her to be named after ONE of them (either one.) That's where I came up with Laynee. I'm STUCK for a middle name though. I want something cute and different.. PLEASE hELP! (:

    Any middle name suggestions for Laynee or Maycee (the two first names I'm set on) will be greatly appreciated. ALSO, tell me which one you like better-- laynee or maycee?

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    I prefer Laynee to Maycee (though I think the spelling Macy is nice) because I like that Laynee uses your father's MN. Not sure if you'd prefer cute, different & vintage or cute, different, & more modern, so I tried to think up a smattering of different styles. I think a middle name with an L in it can make the names flow nicely...

    Laynee Ellison or Laynee Elise
    Laynee Brielle or Laynee Brynn
    Laynee Willow
    Laynee Quinn
    Laynee Jocelyn
    Laynee Madeline
    Laynee Alexis
    Laynee Abigail
    Laynee Claire
    Laynee Olivia
    Laynee Juliet
    Laynee Annabelle
    Laynee Amelia
    Laynee Violet
    Laynee Matilda
    Laynee Cecile
    Laynee Finula/Fionnuala
    Laynee Clementine
    Laynee Paloma

    When you say you want her named after one, does that mean not both? Because with Laynee, you could also try these middles:

    Laynee Marigold (an unusual floral way to get to Marie)
    Laynee Marlene
    Laynee Marguerite
    Laynee Marilyn
    Laynee Marin, Marine or Marina (I love Marin as a way to honor Marie!)
    Laynee Marlow(e)

    I wonder if you could combine your parents' two middles somehow? Marilena is often pronounced "Marie-Layne-a", and you could still use Layne or Laynee as a nickname!

    Best of luck!
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    As soon as i saw Laynee, i thought

    Laynee Adele as my first suggestion.
    Laynee Monroe
    Laynee Olivia
    Laynee Elyse
    Laynee Noelle
    Laynee Ashton
    Laynee Ryan
    Laynee Camille

    Good luck!
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    I'm not really a fan of Laynee or Maycee- both seem very childish and nicknamey to me, especially with those spellings- but Laynee has more meaning behind it, so I guess I'd pick that. I prefer both as nicknames or even with different spellings like Lainey and Macy. But if you're set on those and happy with your decision, good for you and congratulations!
    Some names that could to honor Layne:
    Elena (uh-LAY-na)
    Magdalena (mag-da-LAY-na, M initial also honors Marie)
    Helena (huh-LAY-na)
    or even just Layne.

    For Marie:
    Or any other form of Mary.

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    My favourite is Laynee. What about using just Lane? Very cool for a little girl.

    Anyway, I like Laynee Violet and Laynee Olivia.

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