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    would you let your baby wear make up?

    hi guys,
    i was reading the paper today, and there was a gypsy couple with their baby in it. This 9 months old baby has all designer baby clothes, her EARS PIERCED with Hooped diamond earrings, a bracelet, wears lipgloss and mascara.
    On top of that, her very proud parents say that she will start having manicures and pedicures when she is 3 or 4, and have sunbeds at 13.
    Her mum admitted that she shaved her daughters hair off at 1 month old so it would grow back thicker.
    She will not finish school either. She will go to primary school and then leave early to learn to cook and clean like her mum did.

    I really cannot believe it. This baby had her ears pierced at 3 months old. And they are hooped earrings. If she gets caught on them, she could rip them out and damage her ears, poor thing. At least if they were studs they would be safer. I don't think the bracelet is harmful or dangerous.
    But why the make up? Why the designer clothes? And why will she not finish school? I have nothing against gypsies, and each parent to their own, but im sorry thats going a bit far.
    I know we all want our children to be handsome and gorgeous. But, this is why there are peodophiles in the world. Because little children and babies look like adults.
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    I definitely don't support sexualizing children in any form at all, but I see nothing wrong with applying stage make up/ costumes on children for performances and the like. I think there is a big difference between putting a little make up and hair spray on your kid before they go on stage to dance/sing/act ect and what the mom you are speaking of is doing.
    I'd gladly allow my daughters dress up for a performance. In every day life though, absolutely not. I definitely wouldnm't allow recreational make up wear/ piercing before the age of 16.
    How sad for this lady's daughter
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    Gypsys have a VERY different culture, one that is really hard to understand.

    You're right, the hoop earrings are probably dangerous! It is relatively acceptable to pierce an infantsl daughter's ears, at least where I live. I would never do it to my own daughter, though. I begged my sister not to do it to my niece, too.

    As far as makeup... i agree with pp. Only stage makeup is acceptable. And I am not talking about for beauty pageants. The things pageant moms do to their daughters is terrible.

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    The only thing that bothers me is the school thing...and the part where you excuse pedophilia!
    The rest is cultural. In my family it's not strange for a baby to have diamond earrings and wear perfume...not until I became an adult did I realize this isn't typical. But I also believe that both of those things are no more sexually charged than putting a bow/headband on a baby or using a scented baby shampoo (both do the same thing though, right? make a baby look nicer, smell better)...because the earrings and perfume are culturally normal to me they don't feel like adult things or sexual things. I figure it's the same with the make up...which I have totally played around with and put on my little cousins.

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    also there is nothing sexual about designer clothes, jewelry, mani/pedis. and nothing that children do or wear creates a pedophile...they are sick people in their own right. sadly, we could dress our children in burlap sacks and these sickos will still exist. your statement is similar to when people say rape victims ask for it if they dress sexy- parents aren't asking for their kids to become victims if they dress them in designer clothes/jewelry!

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