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    Josephine - I am starting to fall in love with this name and Josephine March is helping me along. Love the nn Jo on a girl. Josie is adorable as well.
    Eloise - Hum. Not my style.
    Marina - Growing up on boats that is all I think of.
    Matilda - Not awful, but not my favorite.
    Annabel - Love, though I prefer Anabel for spelling.
    Alice - Love! Hits my literary soul, is a family name, and is just lovely in general.
    Eleanor - Also love. Torn between the two spellings myself. Elinor makes me think Elinor Dashwood and brings a smile to my face
    Gwendolyn - Not my style. Also I knew a girl in high school who was Gwendolyn and she was... not very nice.
    Aurora - Love! More good associations all around!
    Valentina - Meh. This one doesn't thrill me.
    Eleni - Not my style, it really does nothing for me.
    Arabella - Not my favorite, but I do like it. A good alternative to the horribly popular Isabella.
    Penelope - Love! And so many nickname possibilities. I love nicknames so that is a big plus for me.
    Clara - Not my favorite.
    Adeline - I really like this and have since I read Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. Such a pretty name.
    Annika - Reminds me of Annikan Skywalker. Can't shake the association.
    Delilah - "Hey there Delilah" So lovely! Too bad one of my sisters used it on her dog :P
    Honora - I prefer Honor, and am not over the moon for it either.
    Sylvie - Pretty, but not my style.
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    Oh we love a lot of the same names =)

    Josephine is gorgeous but I'd never use it as a first name - for me it is a wonderful middle name. I'm not particularly keen on names that cross over so easily e.g. Joseph/Josephine, Theodore/Theodora, Henry/Henrietta etc.

    Eloise is so soft and girly, I really like it.

    Matilda used to be my favourite girls name, but it grew in popularity, which put me off. However, it's creeping back up my list! It's just a beautiful name and I like the nicknames Mattie and Tilly.

    Annabel is beautiful, and a nice change from Isabelle/a. Arabella is my favourite girls name, which is similar.

    Alice is perfect - short, and simple. It makes a wonderful middle name too.

    Aurora is so cool and edgy - I met an Aurora recently and it made me love the name more.

    Valentina is another name on my list, but as a middle name because it honours my mom. I love it's frilly-ness and how it would be unlikely to meet another Valentina. What nickname do you like or would you not use one? I've always leaned more towards the nickname Vali (prn. like valley).

    Oh I didn't see Arabella on your list, love this and can't think of anything negative about it!

    Penelope, Clara, Adeline, Annika, Delilah and Honora are all stunning and pretty much perfect - can't go wrong with any of those.

    Sylvie is cute, and sounds much modern then Sylvia despite just the one letter change. This could definitely grow on me!

    The only ones I don't like are Marina, Eleanor (I don't mind this but it's the inevitable nn Ellie that I can't stand), Gwendolyn and Eleni.
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    These are the NN's I'd use for each name.

    Josephine- Josie, Jo
    Eloise-Ellie, Lola
    Marina-Mary, Rina
    Matilda-Mattie, Tillie
    Annabel-Anna, Bell
    Eleanor-Ellie, Nora
    Valentina- Val, Tina
    Arabella-Ari, Bella
    Penelope-Penny, Poppy
    Clara- None that I can think of...
    Delilah- Lila
    Honora -Nora
    Sylvie- Syl
    If anyone else has NN suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them!
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    I like Clara : )
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    Here's my opinion on each name and the nickname(s) I would use for each if applicable.

    Josephine - Lovely, lovely, lovely. Though I prefer this in the middle. nn Effy.
    Eloise - Pretty. I prefer this over Louise. nn Lou.
    Marina - I like the connection to the sea, but there's something stopping me from liking the name itself. nn Mary.
    Matilda - I love Matilda but hate her popularity. nn Maud or Tilly.
    Annabel - Pretty, but it's getting boring. nn Annie.
    Alice - Classic, but sounds exactly like my surname, so I can't love this name. I like the Alice in Wonderland connection however.
    Eleanor - I love Eleanor, but it does feel somewhat tired to me. nn Nell or Nora.
    Gwendolyn - This name is growing on me, though I prefer the Gwendolen or Gwendoline variants. nn Wendy (after my nan) or Gwen.
    Aurora - So so pretty. I feel as though Aurora would need a nickname, but the only name-derived nickname I can think of is Rory and I don't like Rory on a girl.
    Valentina - Absolutely beautiful. nn Lena.
    Eleni - Eh, it's okay. nn Ellen or Leni.
    Arabella - Frilly and girly - I like it.
    Penelope - I don't like this name at all. nn Nell.
    Clara - I'm not a fan of Cla- names, but this would have to be my favourite.
    Adeline - Pretty, but it's the name of my great aunt, so it's still dusty in my eyes. nn Ada.
    Annika - I like this name, but it's the name of one of my fellow classmates, and while she hasn't ruined the name, she has stopped me loving it. nn Annie.
    Delilah - I don't like this name. nn Lilah.
    Honora - Eh, it's okay. I do prefer Honor however. nn Nora.
    Sylvie - I prefer this over Sylvia.
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