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    I am not yet ready to have children, but I know for a fact that I will not be telling my family my name options before the baby comes.
    My family is really into top 100 names and refuse to accept anything the falls outside of that.
    If it rhymes with Aiden or Kaylee/Kylee then that is even better.
    For my own sanity I will keep them to myself!

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    You have to remember that your kid has to live with that name for the rest of his life. I know parents that say, "It's my baby and I'll name it what I want." The fact is, as the baby's parent your responsibility is to give your baby good name that it accepted in general society, because they're the people who your kid has to live with and be judged by. Ask for feedback, and your child will thank you for it later.

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    It's a fine line to walk. I will probably throw name out to my family and friends, but I have a hard time not taking things personally. If 9 people liked it and one person made a face, what would I focus on? Yes, the face person of course. I am worried it would spoil the name, even if I had confirmation from the majority that it's not too weird/complicated/trendy etc. I guess I just need a thicker skin

    I suppose the best way is just to be upfront with family and friends: "So I have a name I love. If you don't care for it, that's fine, but what I'd rather know is (fill in the blank)" It could be: How do you think it is spelled? Have you known anyone with that name? Does it register on your radar as a recognizable name?

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    Telling people your names at any time can be tricky. Reactions can be helpful, and hurtful. I liked obscure names that got negative reviews on here, well some mixed. I went with a unique name that can shortened to a top 1000 name so everyone is happy!
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