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Thread: Long caf

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    LN: McGrath

    DH: Charles Christopher
    DW: Anne Emily

    1. Robin Paisley
    2. Sebastian Beckett, Julianna Grace, Bridget Olivia, Daniel Roman, & Adelaide Georgia
    3. Hattie Rose, Calvin William, Gideon Stephen, David Remus
    4. Scarlet Bristol, Hugo Charleston, Atticus Dublin, Holden Cairo
    5. Juliet Elizabeth
    6. Cole Flynn
    7. Harry August, Josephine Beatrix, Florence Eloise, George Tobias, Edward Isaac
    8. Lilly Cameron, Alice Hudson, Owen Dashiell
    9. Anita Ivy, Aurora Blair
    10. Devin Harper, Eliot Piper
    11. Levi Frost

    1. Jesse Kamden, Jakob Klayton
    2. Patrick Hendrix, Irelynd Nirvana
    3. Mark Phineas, Kornelia Jessamy
    4. Christian Cabot

    The Family -

    Charles McGrath & Felicity McGrath

    Robin McGrath
    Sebastian McGrath, Julianna McGrath, Bridget McGrath, Daniel McGrath, & Adelaide McGrath
    Hattie McGrath, Calvin McGrath, Gideon McGrath, & David McGrath
    Scarlet McGrath, Hugo McGrath, Atticus McGrath, & Holden McGrath
    Juliet McGrath
    Cole McGrath
    Harry McGrath, Josephine McGrath, Florence McGrath, George McGrath, & Edward McGrath
    Lilly McGrath, Alice McGrath, & Owen McGrath
    Anita McGrath & Aurora McGrath
    Devin McGrath & Eliot McGrath
    Levi McGrath
    Jesse McGrath & Jakob McGrath
    Patrick McGrath & Irelynd McGrath
    Mark McGrath & Kornelia McGrath
    Christian McGrath
    -- Lottie --

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    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Adalyn, Adelaide, Blythe, Charlotte, Eloise, Emery, Evelyn, Everly, Fallon, Fia, Fio, Gabriella, Grace, Hadley, Hera, Ivy, Jane, Leah, Leila, Lilac, Lilah, Lyra, Mary, Thea.

    Ace, Alec, Anthony, Atlas, Axel, Brice, Cassius, Cormac, Clyde, East, Eli, Emerson, Emmett, Eric, Everett, Ezra, Falcon, Kai, Lander, Leander, Liam, Lucas, Micah, Pace, Parker, Pilot, Solomon, Tobias, and Zeus.

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