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    VBAC - spacing between births

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has had a VBAC with less than 18 months between the births? If so did you have an OB or a midwife? Deliver in a hospial or at home? I had a c-section with my first and as we want a large family I really want to have a VBAC with my second but they will be only 15 months apart and the last OB I had said there had to be 18 months between the births or they would do another c-section. I would really appreciate any experience or advice that you have to share. Thanks!

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    I haven't had a C-section so I can't comment. Check out this website though for resources about VBAC:

    I'll throw my opinion in though -- if I had the desire to have a VBAC and I did my research regarding it's safety to confirm it was ok (I do not know if it is or not sorry) and my health care provider said "no" -- I would find a new provider. When I was pregnant with my twins, I had 3 OBs before I found one that would allow me to discuss a vaginal birth option. I was "high risk" because of having multiples and also because I had complications with my singleton pregnancies. So because of my placenta insufficiency risks, 3 different OBs told me "You will have your C-section at __ weeks" or "We will put you on bedrest at _ weeks then have your C-section at __" No. I just went elsewhere. I found a great OB who was open to treating me like an individual and that pregnancy separately from my others (but knowing my history in the back of his mind).
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