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    Nickname for Adelaide

    Hi! I posted earlier about my girls names, it just brought up a question for me...

    The names I am considering are Flora, Louisa, Eloise and Adelaide. I'm not ready to downsize my list quite yet, but I am looking for suggestions on nicknames for Adelaide. DH and I love it, but I REALLY don't want the nickname Addie!!!


    Adelaide - no nickname


    Adelaide - nn - Laidey

    And... Do you think Addie is avoidable??

    Thanks again!!


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    I adore the nickname Addie!!!!!I guess it can be avoidable you could always use a nickname like Della.

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    I love Adelaide for all its possible nns I love Addie but I think it is avoidable if you don't like it. Laidey is very cute but might not age well. What about Ada or Adele as a NN?

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    I love Adelaide!

    Re: nns - I personally like Addie more than Laidy. Other options could be Della, as previous comments, or Dee, Ads, Aidie? Or something that combines from her mn, initials etc.

    I think that you could probably prevent friends and family using Addie, but as she gets older I think that it may crop up, unless you can instil in her a hatred for it!
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    If you name her Adelaide call her Laidey, she'll probably always go by that.

    If you name her Adelaide and call her Adelaide, her friends and extended family might select a nickname, or she might pick a nickname of her own, which could well be Addie. So I would nickname her Laidey if that's what you prefer. dillonsfan01's suggestions of Ada or Adele are also something you could consider, and edenlyla13's suggestion of Della. Also, there are the nicknames Ade, Add or Adela.

    PS I love all the names Flora, Eloise, Adelaide and Louisa!

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