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    Exclamation Middle name for Katelyn and Alexander

    I am writing a romance novel. The main characters, Katelyn (nn Kate) and Alexander (nn Alex) need middle names! They also need a last name. Since Katelyn and Alexander are married, they will have the same last name.
    - Madison J.

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    My daughter's name is Caitlin, Caitlin Louisa. Too bad you aren't spelling Caitlin the classic way....
    Caitlin Emily, Caitlin Elinor, Caitlin Margaret, Caitlin Imogen, Caitlin Lucia, Caitlin Mairead, Caitlin Rose, Caitlin Roisin, Caitlin Dilys, Caitlin Emmeline, Caitlin Raquel

    Alexander Thomas, Alexander William, Alexander Malcolm, Alexander David, Alexander Peter, Alexander George, Alexander Kenneth, Alexander Joseph, Alexander Magnus, Alexander Edward, Alexander Hugh

    What ethnic background are they? Where are they from? Hard to do a last name without knowing this.

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