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    Talking Opinions on my character names!

    Do these character names work/make sense?

    Vaughn family:
    Julia Vaughn - mother
    Nikolai Petrov - father, but does not live with family (is only mentioned once or twice)
    Eleanor "Ellie" (Vaughn) Boston - 25, married to Jonathan Boston
    Cecily Vaughn - 17, main character, Canyon's girlfriend
    Emmeline "Emmy" Vaughn and Anastasia "Annie" Vaughn - twins, 14
    Jessica "Jess" Vaughn - 8
    Allison "Ally" Vaughn - 6

    Reynolds family:
    Atticus Sr. Reynolds - father, high level politician
    Katherine Reynolds - mother
    Atticus Jr. Jefferson Reynolds "Canyon" - 17, main character (nickname explained), Cecily's boyfriend
    Lincoln Roosevelt Reynolds - 17, Canyon's twin

    Annabel James
    Andrew "Drew" Blake
    Jacob Kline
    Jonathan Boston

    All opinions on any of these names would be great!!
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    They all sound good to me. If you don't get many replies, just know that no news is good news!
    Love the twins' names.
    Good last name choices. Not way too common, not too crazy, either.

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    Nice! I only have a few comments. Eleanor, Cecily, and Emmeline are cool, pretty vintage names. However, I don't really get that same feel from Anastasia, and not in the least from Jessica or Allison. I'd say go with more vintage names for the other sisters. Some suggestions:


    Also, does it bother you that there are two sisters with E names? Just pointing that out. Other than that, though, great names. Good luck with your story/book!
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    I think they're all great! I especially love Cecily, Lincoln, and Canyon, but all of them are fine. Good luck with your story!
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    Is Anneliese better than Anastasia? and Jessica to Jesamine, and Allison to Alaina or Adelaide?
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    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Nora}
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