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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Eliana Daisy.
    H: Frederick James.
    Year of Marriage: 2000.

    Yr#1: For our first try at concieving a child isn't successful but my sister Wilda asks for our assistance in naming my newborn niece; I suggest Henrietta Jayne and she loves it so much that that's what she chooses.

    Yr#2: Seeing so much of Henny makes me broody, and we try again this time with immediate success! We welcome identical triplet girls into the world nine months later, their names: Ruby Isabella, Freya Brooke, and Matilda Skye.

    Yr#3: Rick and I move into a larger house to accomodate for the girls -

    Yr#4: With a larger house we have enough room for a pet, we adopt a mongrel puppy and name him Bolt.

    Yr#5: Rick suggests buying a new car, and that is what we do (

    Yr#6: With my niece closing in on her sixth birthday my sister decides it's time to get married to her partner and once again asks for my help, she wants a winter wedding so I plan a snow white and faux fur themed day.

    Yr#7: Now the triplets have settled well and truly into school, I miss having babies round the house, again we are successful immediately and give birth to identical triplets (again!) this time boys: Sebastian James, Cooper Alexander, and Elijah Kai.

    Yr#8: Rick gets a huge promotion to manager with comes with the benefit of being able to work from home and a payrise!

    Yr#9: When the girls were two we adopted Bolt, and now the boys are two we adopt another puppy, this time a female mongrel, naming her Star.

    Yr#10: Rick inherits a grand property ( from a relative in Forth Worth, Texas.

    Yr#11: Rick's close cousin Robert dies suddenly leaving his 11 children orphaned, we take them all in to save them from getting seperated in the system: Amber Maria (12), Sidney Lukas and Simon Laurence (11), Carter Benjamin (9), George Willem and Gregory West (7), Jamie Elliott (6), Rachel Elizabeth and Rebecca Eleanor (4), Jenson Francis (3), and finally baby Erika Snow (1).

    Yr#12: Following the death of Robert last year Rick and I inherit a huge house ( in Louiseville, Kentucky. Where we continue to bring up our children and adopted children.

    ~~~ Ellie (35) and Rick (37) with: Rue (11), Freya (11), Matti (11), Seb (6), Cooper (6), Elijah (6), Amber (13), Sidney (12), Simon (12), Carter (10), George (8), Greg (8), Jimmy (7), Rae (5), Becca (5), Jenson (4), and Eri (2); And Bolt (9) and Star (4).
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    Vancouver, Canada
    Couple: Lily and George Evans
    -married 2007

    2007 [b.]: Triplet Girls - Lucy Megan, Anna Charlotte and Rose Elizabeth
    2008 [l.e.]: We open a bakery in town, called Lily's.
    2009 [l.e.]: We vacation in the UK.
    2010 [l.e.]: My sister, Haley, is getting married. I get to be maid of honour and the girls are all Flower Girls. The wedding is on the beach, where we visited in the summer as kids.
    2011 [l.e.]: George's little sister, Michelle, asks us to help name her son. We call him Oliver Riley.
    2012 [l.e.]: We buy a new car, a red Regal.
    2013 [b.]: Girl - Beatrice Juliet
    2014 [l.e.]: George's older sister, Danielle, passes away and leaves us her children. A boy and girl, ages 1 and 8. Their names are Haley Grace and Nicholas Micah "Nic".
    2015 [l.e.]: We inherit property from my aunt, a red house in North Carolina, and subsequently move there.
    2016 [b.]: Triplets [g/g/b] - Taylor Sofia, Reese Abigail and Henry Benjamin
    2017 [l.e.]: We sell the house and move to Chicago, into a big, brick house with 6 bedrooms.
    2018 [b.]: Twin Boys - Charlie Theodore and Bennett Miles "Ben"

    [bedrooms: #1 - Lily and George, #2 - Lucy, and Anna (age 11), #3 - Rose and Haley (age 11 and 12), #4 - Beatrice, Taylor and Reese (age 5, 2 and 2), #5 - Nic and Henry (age 5 and 2), #6 - Charlie and Ben (age nb)]

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    Me: Ayla Hazel
    Husband: Jackson Connor
    Year of marriage: 2013

    2013: [Life Event] Jack and I inherit a home from his grandfather who recently past away. He leaves us a gorgeous farmhouse in Palm Bay, Florida that we decide to rent out and use as a vacation home while we establish our life together.

    2014: [Life Event] Before having children Jack and I decide we want to adopt a dog. We adopt a three year old Spaniel from the local shelter who is already named Stitch.

    2015: [Life Event] Settling in with Stitch is a little bit of a challenge but soon enough he is accustomed to our daily routine. Deciding that we want to start a family soon we purchase a white 2014 Ford Explorer in hopes that it will be a great family car.

    2016: [A baby] After trying to conceive for nearly a year we finally get pregnant only to miscarry at fifteen weeks, we're devastated. Three months down the road we get a tragic phone call. My best friend Nora and her husband Rick where in a boating accident leaving their three children in the care of Jack and I. Nolan Richard is five, Crosby Jordan is 4, and little Violet May is one. It takes some adjusting but the boys quickly bond with Stitch. I decide to quit my job and stay home with the kids.

    2017: [Life Event] Considering that we just added three young children to our family in the last year Jack and I decide to put off having our own child, instead taking the kids on a family vacation to try and get their minds off of things for a while. We pack up the suitcases and head off for a three week vacation to Ireland where we visit the Disney Park and explore the castles.

    2018: [A baby] Having been married for five years Jack and I decide that it is time to add our own baby to the family. Violet is now three years old, and the boys are six and seven. In October we welcome a baby girl and name her Leila Maisie.

    2019: [Life Event] Leila has some complications during the first few months of her life, staying in the hospital until she is three months old when we are informed that our daughter has developmental delays and is struggling to survive. After months of encouragement she finally begins developing like a normal baby but at a slower pace. Meanwhile the older children are begging for another dog so we adopt another Spaniel, this time a puppy, and the kids name him Nemo.

    2020: [A baby] Just when we are getting Leila's needs under control I am starting to feel nauseous all of the time. A trip to the doctor confirms my suspicions, I am once again pregnant, this time with triplet boys. We name them Lachlan Connor, Finn Elijah, and Blake Levi.

    2021: [Life Event] When the triplets are almost a year old we decide that it is time to expand our horizons and begin searching for a larger house to hold our family of nine. We find the perfect place in Memphis, Tennessee. It's got a country feel and is built entirely from wood. The house has a walk around porch and a green roof that compliments the wood nicely. Inside is a huge living room for the kids, along with a large kitchen, nice master bedroom, five bedrooms for the kids, and three bathrooms not including the master. It is perfect. We pack up the kids and all of their belongings and make the move.

    2022: [Life Event] Jackson has been a politician since he graduated from college, and he gets a job opportunity Nashville as Mayor. Uprooting our family once more we make the move for Jack's job which includes an immaculate colonial house and tuition to private school for all of the children, it is a great opportunity for us all.

    2023: [A baby] On the triplet's third birthday Jack and I decide that we both want to have at least one more child before we decide we're done. Try as we might though we just can't conceive. I try not to be to upset about it, hoping that our child bearing years aren't over so soon. To get my mind off of things my sister Jane asks me to help plan her wedding. It's an outdoors affair, on the beach with white tents and gorgeous flowers. Helping plan it raises my spirits a lot.

    2024: [A baby] During all the wedding planning I fail to realize that I'm pregnant until I'm nearly four and a half months along. After a doctors appointment we found out that we are expecting triplets again and this time decide not to find out the gender of the babies until they are born. three months later we welcome two baby girls and a baby boy into our family. Jack and I name them Jonah Caden, Alyssa Grace, and Kiera Faith.

    Our family:
    Jackson and Ayla
    Nolan Richard (13)
    Crosby Jordan (12)
    Violet May (9)

    Leila Maisie (6)
    Lachlan Connor, Finn Elijah, and Blake Levi (4)
    Jonah Caden, Alyssa Grace, and Keira Faith (3 months)

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    Year 1: Have triplets!
    DS/DD/DD: Zachary Daniel, Sophia Emily & Chloe Ella

    Year 2: Holiday!
    Go to Greece

    Year 3: Have a child!
    DD: Isabel Charlotte

    Year 4: Have triplets!
    DS/DD/DD: Isaac Jacob, Savannah Jade & Jasmine Lily

    Year 5: Have a child!
    DS: Milo Nathaniel

    Year 6: Have twins!
    DD/DD: Genevieve Rose & Zahara Juliet

    Year 7: Have triplets!
    DD/DS/DS: Lauren Kate, Liam James & Riley Joseph

    Year 8: Have triplets!
    DS/DD/DD: Mason Alexander, Madeline Grace & Eden Rebecca

    Year 9: Have triplets!
    DS/DS/DS: Edward Joshua, Noah Marcus & Lucas Samuel

    Year 10: Have twins!
    DS/DS: Theodore Enzo & Miles Abel

    Year 11: Have triplets!
    DS/DS/DS: Samuel Henry, Benjamin Max & Harry George

    Year 12: Have triplets!
    DD/DD/DD: Esme Beth, Imogen Hannah & Matilda Ebony

    Zachary, Sophia & Chloe (12)
    Isabel (10)
    Isaac, Savannah & Jasmine (9)
    Milo (8)
    Genevieve & Zahara (7)
    Lauren, Liam & Riley (6)
    Mason, Madeline & Eden (5)
    Edward, Noah & Lucas (4)
    Theodore & Miles (3)
    Samuel, Benjamin & Harry (2)
    Esme, Imogen & Matilda (1)
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    depends on the day and the book...
    DH: Tobias Calvin Montgomery
    DW: Emily Jane Montgomery (nee Harper)
    Year of Marriage: 2020

    2021: Emily gives birth to twin boys named Theodore Silas (Theo) and Finnegan Jasper (Finn).
    2022: Tobias and Emily inherit a property in Worcester, Massachusetts:
    2023: A close friend of Emily's suddenly dies leaving her one-year-old son to Tobias and Emily. His name is Gideon Seth.
    2024: Tobias's older sister is pregnant and asks for help in naming her baby. She ends up having a girl named Eloise Scarlett.
    2025: Emily gives birth to triplet girls named Philippa Eve (Pippa), Katherine Fleur (Kitty) and Elizabeth Pearl (Betsy).
    2026: Tobias and Emily buy a new house:
    2027: Emily opens a bookstore/coffee shop in town called Thackeray’s.
    2028: Emily gives birth to a baby girl named India Mabel.
    2029: Tobias's best friend and his wife ask for help with naming their baby. They end up having a girl named Josephine Amelia (Josie).
    2030: Tobias and Emily adopt a baby girl named Margaret Joy (Meg).
    2031: Tobias, Emily and the family move to Memphis, Tennessee (where Emily reopens Thackeray's):
    2032: Emily gives birth to triplets, a girl and two boys named Georgia Quinn (Georgie), Dominic Charles (Dom) and Sebastian Luke.

    Tobias and Emily with
    Theo, Finn, Gideon, Pippa, Kitty, Betsy, India, Meg, Georgie, Dom and Sebastian
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

    mommy to feline furbaby Beatrice Evangeline Rose and her babies Claudia & Cordelia =^.^=

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