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    Wife: Bailey Elizabeth Flynn (nee’ Spencer)
    Husband: Cameron James Flynn
    Year of Marriage: 2020

    2020: Cameron is offered a new job at a new rehabilitation center as their head physical therapist in Virginia Beach. Since Virginia Beach is fairly close to both of their families and it is a really good job offer, Bailey puts in a transfer as a nurse to a hospital there that gets accepted! Their new house looks like:

    2021: They decide to splurge on a new car due to the increase of their salaries! Bailey and Cameron’s new car looks like:

    2022: Bailey and Cameron start talking about kids, but decide to do a test run with a pet first. They go down to the animal shelter and adopt a little calico kitten, whom they name Jemima and call “Jem”, after the musical Cats.

    2023: After three years of marriage, Bailey conceives! She tells Cameron about it by giving him a gift with the pregnancy test results inside. On August 16th, she delivers twins named Maeve Elizabeth and Lorcan James Flynn.

    2024: Bailey’s twin sister, Sarah, is getting married to Cameron’s best friend Ryan! Bailey is enlisted to help plan the wedding, which she does with zeal. The twins are the flower girl and ring bearer, with Bailey as the maid of honor and Cameron as the best man.

    2025: Bailey and Cameron inherit a house from Cameron’s great uncle Jack in Louisville, Kentucky. After considerable debate, they decide to sell the house and use the money to start college funds for the twins.

    2026: After three years have passed since the twins are born, Bailey conceives again! On October 4th, she delivers a little boy named Aiden Spencer Flynn.

    2027: Since they now have three adorable little toddlers, Bailey and Cameron decide to buy a new car. Their new family car looks like:

    2028: Deciding to even the numbers a bit and try for another little girl, Bailey conceives for a third time and gets her wish! On November 5th, she delivers a little girl named Willa Rose Flynn.

    2029: Since their family has grown so much, Bailey and Cameron decide its time for a new house! They fall in love with this one the first time they see it; its right near the twins’ school and near the workplaces of both Bailey and Cameron! Their new house looks like:

    2030: Deciding they want one more child, Bailey and Cameron try IVF. It works a little too well, as they soon discover Bailey is pregnant with twins! On September 28th, she gives birth to Riley Deacon, Harper Sarah and Lila Catherine Flynn.

    2031: Sarah and Ryan have just had their first little girl, and want Bailey’s help in naming her (since she’s named seven kids of her own!). They eventually decide on Reagan Anne.

    2032: Since Jemima the cat is getting older and seems lonely, Bailey and Cameron decide to adopt another cat from the shelter, this time letting the older children help pick her out. They adopt a little tabby kitten that they name Demeter, also from the musical Cats.

    The Flynn Family!

    Bailey (37) & Cameron (37)

    Maeve and Lorcan (9), Aiden (6), Willa (4), Riley, Harper and Lila (2).

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