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    1. Gemma Alice Harding and Desmond Paul Manning marry, aged 23 and 34. She finishes her major in English lit., he's a teacher. They decide to go to Iceland for their honeymoon.

    2. First baby(ies), more of a surprise then planned. Rolled: 4: You have boy/girl twins. Their first & middle names are from
    Eliza Ruby and Leo Sebastian

    3. Life event: 3: Your family moves to a new different city, Rochester, New York.
    9 or 10:

    4. Baby girl. Flora Mabel.

    5. Life event: 4: You and DH splurge to buy yourselves a new family car.
    3 or 4:

    6. Life event: 8: You and DH inherit a property from a deceased relative in Worcester, Massachusetts
    3 or 4:

    7. Babies: 4: You have boy/girl twins. Pearl Evangeline and Felix Nathaniel

    8. Babies: 8: Triplet girls. Freya Holly, Phoebe Alice and Imogen Skye

    9. Life Event: 10: Your family goes on vacation to a foreign country, Ireland.

    10. Life Event: 12: A family member or close friend suddenly dies, leaving his/her children orphaned. You and DH take the children in. Two children, both girls, aged 9 and 5. Their names are Althea June and Timea Faye.

    11. Life Event: 10: Vacation in Spain.

    12. Baby: 12: You adopt a baby boy named Ronan Jerome.

    Family: Gemma and Desmond: Eliza (11), Leo (11), Althea (11), Flora (9), Timea (7), Pearl (6), Felix (6), Freya (5), Phoebe (5), Imogen (5) and Ronan (infant).

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    Alana June & James Andrew Joy

    1st year of marriage: We help name a close’s friend’s baby girl. We suggest Mila Joy, so her middle name matches our last name, and Mila will bring joy to all.

    2nd year: We open an Adirondack culture store called Logs & Paws.

    3rd year: We have triplet girls!
    Imogen Poppy
    Heidi Maisy
    Eleanor Evie

    4th year: We miscarry and decide to move to Memphis Tennesee.

    5th year: We have triplet boys!
    Oscar Harry
    George Toby
    Edward Nate

    6th year: We buy a new family car.

    7th year: We have boy/girl twins!
    Blythe Zoe
    Arthur Lev

    8th year: We buy a new house!

    9th year: Our friends (whose baby we named Mila Joy) are finally getting married. We decide to have the ceremony and reception at The Fillauer Lake House & Barn in Cleveland, TN.

    10th year: We have twin girls!
    Adelaide Mila (after our friends’ daughter)
    Vivienne Ellie

    11th year: We have one baby girl!
    Mabel Tessa

    12th year: A dear friend passes away. She had seven children, all adopted from various parts of the world. Their first names are of their home country, but recognizable to American ears and eyes. Their middle names are also of their home country, but perhaps more difficult for Americans to grasp.

    Boy: Niran Mongkut (means crown), 11, Thailand
    Boy: Khai Kahotep (peaceful essence; crowned), 9, Egypt
    Girl: Anastasia Вера (pronounced like Vera), 8, Russia
    Twin boys: Angelo Orsino & Valentino Pio, 7, Italy
    Girl: Carla Rute (friendship), 6, Portugal
    Girl: Jia Ah-lam (beautiful; like an orchard), 2, China

    Our EIGHTEEN beautiful kids:
    Imogen, Heidi, Eleanor, Oscar, George, Edward, Blythe, Arthur, Adelaide, Vivienne, Mabel, Niran, Khai, Anastasia, Angelo, Valentino, Carla, Jia.

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    Husband: Sean Fionnlagh O’Reilly
    Wife: Elisabeth Marie O’Reilly
    Married in 2012

    2013 - Conceive 3: Violet Josephine O’Reilly

    2014 - Conceive 7: Dexter Liam O’Reilly – ‘Dex’ & Damon Rhys O’Reilly

    2015 - Life Event 10: Vacation to Ireland

    2016 - Life Event 9: Adopts a kitten named Geppetto

    2017 - Conceive 3: Claire Eliza O’Reilly

    2018 –Conceive 11: Aubrey Lyla O’Reilly, Sadie Alexis O’Reilly, & Jackson Camden O’Reilly – ‘Jack

    2019 – Life Event 8: We inherit a house in Fort Worth, TX…

    2020 – Life Event 3: We move to Memphis, TN…

    2021 – Conceive 6: Evangeline Mischa O’Reilly – ‘Ellie’ & Vivienne Harper O’Reilly – ‘Vivie

    2022 – Life Event 7: You help a family member name their son – Lucian Beckett Norris

    2023 – Conceive 4: Sebastian Fionn O’Reilly – ‘Baz’ & Tallulah Fleur O’Reilly – ‘Lou

    2024 – Life Event 10: Vacation to Ireland

    The O'Reilly Family:
    Sean Fionnlagh
    Elisabeth Marie
    Violet Josephine
    Damon Rhys
    Claire Eliza
    Aubrey Lyla
    Sadie Alexis
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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    Decided to continue on with the Hart family I made up during your 10 year game, so I'm using their eldest daughter

    The Hart-Winston Family

    DW: Alice Catherine (Hart) [born 2014]
    DH: Jory Sebastian (Winston) [born 2013]
    Married: 2040

    2040: Pregnant! Alice and Jory welcome a son named Milo Quentin.

    2041: Alice's sister Anna is getting married, and she wants Alice to help plan the wedding. Alice helps Anna and her future husband Leo plan their dream wedding: a small, intimate ceremony in a beautiful park Alice, Anna and the rest of the Harts frequented as kids.

    2042: The Hart-Winstons move into a new house. It looks like this:

    2043: Just after Milo's third birthday, Alice and Jory welcome triplets! The boy and two girls are named Atticus Julien Noé, Viviana Eleanor and Keira Juliet Brynn.

    2044: Alice, Jory, Milo, Atticus, Viviana, and Keira move to a new city! They move to Ann Arbor, Michigan and live in a house that looks like this:

    2045: They adopt a kitten. It's a black American short hair named Lily.

    2046: The kids think Lily needs a playmate, so they adopt a second kitten. She's a cyprus short-hair named Hazel.

    2047: Since Alice's family had such a great experience in adopting Anna, Alice and Jory decide to adopt a child. She's two years old when they adopt her, and her name is Lydia Josephine.

    2048: Since the family is getting so big, Alice and Jory buy a new car. It looks like this:

    2049: Alice and Jory welcome another child, a baby boy! His name is Christian Emmett Andrew.

    2050: They weren't planning it, but Alice gets pregnant again! Twins Evangeline Melora and Ivo Phineas are born.

    2051: Anna and Leo are expecting their fifth daughter and Anna wants Alice's help in naming her. Alice and Jory suggest Sebastiana, and Anna and Leo love it! Anna, Leo and big sisters Julietta Mary, Romania "Romy" Alice, Lively Erin, and Victoriana Mattea welcome Sebastiana Chloe.

    2052: Alice and Jory decide to adopt another child! They adopt an 18-month old girl named Lucy Matilda from Russia.

    Alice & Jory Hart-Winston have 9 children named Milo, Atticus, Viviana, Keira, Lydia, Christian, Evangeline, Ivo, and Lucy.
    Anna & Leo Hart-Hunstman have 5 children named Julietta, Romy, Lively, Victoriana, and Sebastiana.

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    LN: O'Callahan
    DH: Andrew James
    DW: Annabelle Lee
    Married: 2017
    2017: Travel to Ireland to visit Andrew's family and end up moving there.
    2018: (6) You have twin girls. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Harper Violet and Harlow Scarlett
    2019: (7) You have twin boys. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Reid Weston and Rhys Karson
    2020: (5) You and DH conceive a child but you have a miscarriage. Go down to "Life Events" 9: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it and what do you name it? Male Tabby Cat, named Boo Radley
    2021: (3) You have one baby girl. Her first & middle names are from
    Name: Maisie Isabel
    2022: (8) You have triplet girls. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Zara Nicole and Zoe Lauren
    2023: (11) You have triplets, a boy and two girls. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Vincent Sean (Vinny), Vanessa Jade (Nessa), and Vivienne Sage (Enne)
    2024: (9) You have triplet boys. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Lachlan Jacob, Lucas Thomas and Liam Alexander
    2025: (12) You adopt a baby. Roll the dice for gender (Boy). Name is your choice
    Name: Parrish Michael
    2026: (2) You and DH try to conceive but are unsuccessful. Go down to "Life Events" 1: You and DH buy you a new house. What does it look like? 3 or 4:
    2027: (4) 4: You have boy/girl twins. Their first & middle names are from
    Names: Briony Charlotte and Blaise Arthur
    2028: (1) 1: You have one baby boy. His first & middle names are from
    Name: Forrest Oliver
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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