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    12 Years Baby Name Game

    Use this dice to play:

    Name your couple and write down their year of marriage. Then, decide what you want your couple to go through for the first year: have a baby or experience a life event. Do this for all twelve years.

    If you decide to conceive...

    If you roll a:

    1: You have one baby boy. His first & middle names are from

    2: You and DH try to conceive but are unsuccessful. Go down to "Life Events"

    3: You have one baby girl. Her first & middle names are from

    4: You have boy/girl twins. Their first & middle names are from

    5: You and DH conceive a child but you have a miscarriage. Go down to "Life Events"

    6: You have twin girls. Their first & middle names are from

    7: You have twin boys. Their first & middle names are from

    8: You have triplet girls. Their first & middle names are from

    9: You have triplet boys. Their first & middle names are from

    10: You have triplets, a girl and two boys. Their first & middle names are from

    11: You have triplets, a boy and two girls. Their first & middle names are from

    12: You adopt a baby. Roll the dice for gender (even=girl odd=boy). Name is your choice

    If you decide not to conceive or were unsuccessful this year...

    Life Events

    If you roll a...

    1: You and DH buy you a new house. What does it look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:
    3 or 4:
    5 or 6:
    7 or 8:
    9 or 10:
    11 or 12:

    2: A family member or close friend asks you to help plan their wedding. What are your plans for the big day? (Add pictures, if you like)

    3: Your family moves to a new different city. Where do you move to? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: Rochester, New York
    3 or 4: Chicago, Illinois
    5 or 6: Columbus, Ohio
    7 or 8: Memphis, Tennessee
    9 or 10: Virginia Beach, Virginia
    11 or 12: Ann Arbor, Michigan
    1 or 2:
    3 or 4:
    5 or 6:
    7 or 8:
    9 or 10:
    11 or 12:

    4: You and DH splurge to buy yourselves a new family car. What does it look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:
    3 or 4:
    5 or 6:
    7 or 8:
    9 or 10:
    11 or 12:

    5: You open your own store in town. What kind of store is it? What do you decide to call it?

    6: Your family adopts a puppy. What kind of dog is it and what is its name?

    7: A family member or close friend asks for your help in naming their new baby (roll the dice even=girl odd=boy). What do you name him or her?

    8: You and DH inherit a property from a deceased relative. Where is it and what does it look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2:
    3 or 4:
    5 or 6:
    7 or 8:
    9 or 10:
    11 or 12:
    1 or 2: Charlotte, North Carolina
    3 or 4: Augusta, Georgia
    5 or 6: Worcester, Massachusetts
    7 or 8: Louisville, Kentucky
    9 or 10: Forth Worth, Texas
    11 or 12: Palm Bay, Florida

    9: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it and what do you name it?

    10: Your family goes on vacation to a foreign country. Where do you go? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: Germany
    3 or 4: United Kingdom
    5 or 6: Spain
    7 or 8: Belgium
    9 or 10: Ireland
    11 or 12: Greece

    11: You or DH have a huge advancement in your career. What kind of promotion and what are the benefits that come with it?

    12: A family member or close friend suddenly dies, leaving his/her children orphaned. You and DH take the children in. How many children are there (roll the dice)? What are the genders (even=girl odd=boy)? How old are they (ages 1-12)? What are their names?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    DH: Josiah Henry
    DW: Anna Caroline "Annie"

    DD/DD/DS: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Ariana Eleanor Kate, and Caleb Elias Joseph "Belle, Ari, and Caleb" (year 1)

    DS/DS: Everett Sawyer Eli and Greyson Beckett Reid "Everett and Grey" (year 2)

    DD: Olivia Charlotte Tess "Liv" (year 3)

    Miscarry. I open a bookstore in town, and we call it L'Espoir. It means "hope" in French. (year 4)

    DD: Violet Carolina Eve (year 5)

    DH gets a huge promotion at work and is now in charge of accepting children for sponsorship at the ministry he's worked for for years. His salary nearly doubles and we are able to move into a larger home to accommodate the nine of us. (year 6)

    ADD: Lilibet Catherine Odette "Lily" (year 7. We adopted her from Romania and she's just the sweetest!)

    We TTC but to no avail. Instead, we focus our efforts on planning my baby sister's wedding! She gets married in our home church, with violets everywhere. Violet was her flower girl (how fitting!) and wore a halo of violets around her head. It went off without a hitch and Becca and Thomas are very happy together. (year 8)

    After eight children, Josiah and I wonder if we're done. Eight is a lot of kids, haha. So we focus our efforts on naming Becca's baby! He arrived in November, and with the help of our little army, his name is Lincoln Oliver Thomas. We all call him Cole. (year 9)

    Surprise! After five years of not being pregnant, we find ourselves expecting twin girls. Of course, we are so happy.
    DD/DD: Willa Phoebe True and Evangeline Gemma Ruby "Willa and Evie" (year 10)

    Becca is expecting again, and it's another boy! Of course, we are happy to help when she asks for advice. Little Samuel Edison Rupert arrives in July! We call him Sammy. (year 11)

    We decide to try for one more before we're done. We're blessed with a little girl!
    DD: Helena Sophie Alice "Leni" (year 12)

    So, all in all, we are:

    Josiah and Anna, and our children:

    DD/DD/DS: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Ariana Eleanor Kate, and Caleb Elias Joseph "Belle, Ari, and Caleb" (12 yrs)
    DS/DS: Everett Sawyer Eli and Greyson Beckett Reid "Everett and Grey" (11 yrs)
    DD: Olivia Charlotte Tess "Liv" (10 yrs)
    DD: Violet Carolina Eve (8 yrs)
    ADD: Lilibet Catherine Odette "Lily" (7 yrs)
    DD/DD: Willa Phoebe True and Evangeline Gemma Ruby "Willa and Evie" (2 yrs)
    DD: Helena Sophie Alice "Leni" (nb)

    And of course, Becca and Thomas, and their sons, Cole and Sam!
    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    Isabelle Aurora Grace ▪ Grant Frédéric Conrad

    Adelaida Rózsa ▪ Anna Emília ▪ Beatrix Izabella ▪ Éva Miléna ▪ Júlia Erzsébet
    Lívia Piroska ▪ Magdaléna Eszter ▪ Míra Natália ▪ Petra Amália ▪ Ráhel Anasztázia
    Béla Zoltán ▪ Bertalan Viktor ▪ Éliás Kelemen ▪ Gáspár Alexander ▪ Gusztáv Sámuel
    Henrik Józsua ▪ Krisztofer Attila ▪ László Miksa ▪ Sebestyén Oszkár ▪ Szilveszter Adony
    Arszlán ▪ Katinka ▪ Mihály ▪ Tividar ▪ Zoé ▪ Zsuzsanna

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    Wife: Jillian Elizabeth Benson-Danvers
    Husband: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers
    Year of marriage: 2017

    2017: Ten months after Jillian and Jeremy's wedding on April 30th, 2017, their best friends (and maid of honor and best man) Daniella and Antonio have their own wedding. As the maid of honor, Jillian is put in charge of the preparations. She arranges a Valentine's Day theme, as her friends are getting married the weekend of Valentine's Day, with a wedding hall that looks like this: and the reception is decorated like this: Daniella picks the bridesmaids dresses that look like this: and her own wedding dress is this:

    2018: Jeremy wants a pet before he wants a baby, and Jillian agrees with him. Unfortunately, they're still living in a condo and Jillian is allergic to most breeds of dogs. They go to a pet store in the local mall and adopt a three-month-old white female kitten: They name her Emmery.

    2019: Jeremy's grandfather, Edward Danvers, dies at the age of 78 from a heart attack. In his will, he leaves his eldest grandchild, Jeremy, his house in Fort Worth, Texas. Jillian and Jeremy sell their condo in Albany, New York, pack up their bags, along with their cat, and move to Fort Worth. Their new home looks like this: They love their new home, especially Emmery.

    2020: With a roof over their heads and stable jobs, Jillian and Jeremy decide they're ready to start a family. After two months of trying, Jillian announces her pregnancy to Jeremy over dinner, a month before their anniversary. On December 1st, 2020, the excited new parents welcome boy/girl twins Lysander Alaric Danvers and Aurora Linnea Danvers.

    2021: When the twins are three months old, a Jillian's publishers give her some exciting news: a movie producer wants to make one of her books, "The Killing Season," into a movie! Jillian is thrilled and quickly signs the movie rights. Months later, the movie is released into theaters and becomes a huge blockbuster, with Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner casted as the leading roles. Plus, when word gets out that Jillian is the author of the book behind the movie, her books hit higher on the bestseller lists.

    2022: Now two years old, the twins are in morning daycare so Jillian has some quiet time at home to write. Jeremy works from home mostly as well, with his painting. So, they're home alone most days...which tends to lead to things. Jillian finds out she's pregnant when she gets sick with what she thought was a cold she contracted from a field trip with the twins' daycare group. Quentin Wyatt Danvers is born on March 12th, 2022 to parents Jillian and Jeremy, and big brother Lysander and big sister Aurora.

    2023: Jillian's cousin, Karl, who was like a big brother to her, is getting married. With her husband, three-year-old twins, and eleven-month-old son, she files out to Philadelphia to attend the wedding. It is held at a country club that looks like this: The bride, Hannah's dress looks like this: The ceremony is very chic and goes on without a single hitch.

    2024: Grandpa Edward's old house has become too much of a problem to maintain for Jillian and Jeremy. Reluctantly, Jeremy agrees to sell the house to a handy, single second cousin and buy a new house in the suburbs of Forth Worth with Jillian and their three kids. Their new home looks like this: It's not as big as the old house, but the children really like it.

    2025: Aurora complains to her parents she feels outnumbered by her two brothers and Jillian admits she wouldn't mind having another little girl. Jeremy doesn't need much more convincing than that. They get pregnant on their first try and Jillian tells her daughter on the twins' fifth birthday that her baby sister is on the way. Unfortunately, Aurora and Jillian are both a little disappointed when, on September 13th, 2026, that the baby is another boy. But Hudson Finn Danvers manages to steal his big sister's heart by smiling at her and being quieter than Quentin was.

    2026: The Danvers family spends three weeks of July in Greece. While they are there, they stay with a college friend of Jillian and Jeremy and his own young family at the friend's family's vineyard. Lysander and Aurora become pen pals with Trina, their parents' friend's daughter, who is also five years old, when the family returns to Forth Worth.

    2027: Though they already have four children and decided they didn't want anymore--to Aurora's disappointment--Jillian and Jeremy get an unexpected surprise: they're pregnant! And when they go in for the first ultrasound they hear THREE heartbeats! After nearly eight hours of birthing on June 9th, 2028, triplets Linden Blake Danvers, Sadie Clara Danvers, and Charles Ashton Danvers enter the world. Each are exactly five minutes apart.

    2028: Jeremy's younger brother, Philip, and Philip's wife, Ashley, are killed in a car accident back in Amherst, Massachusetts, leaving their three kids without parents. Jeremy immediately goes to pick up the kids and brings them back to Forth Worth. There is one-year-old Madison Renee Danvers, three-year-old Oliver James Danvers, and three-year-old Lucy Marie Danvers in the house.

    2029: The family treat themselves to another vacation a year after the death of Philip and Ashley. They spend a week of spring break in Barcelona, Spain--making extra sure to avoid the beaches.

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    Cassie Kerry and Oliver Daniel Smith.

    Y1: Life Event 5. They open a tea shop called the Teahouse, not only do they sell various teas and a small range of other drinks, they are a cafe.

    Y2: Baby 12. They adopt a toddler who has been diagnosed with a speech and language delay. His name is Dashiell Thomas 'Dash'.

    Y3. Life Event 10. The family business is a modest success, so they treat themselves to a culture-and-sun holiday in Greece.

    Y4: Baby 3. Shortly after returning from their holiday they find out that they're expecting a baby. Alexa Caroline arrives in April this year.

    Y5: Life Event 11. The business has been gaining momentum throughout the past 4 years, growing from a modest success to the most popular cafe in the town. They decide to open in a larger space, buying a building and living in the two floors above your shop, as you aren't far from the last space, business only gets better.

    Y6: Baby 3. They find out that they're expecting again in January, and another bouncing baby girl is born in early August. Her name is Sophia Madeleine.

    Y7: Life Event 6. Dash and Alexa are growing so fast, it's hard to always keep up with them, but they been wanting a dog for a while, so they visit the pound and adopt a Bulldog cross called Hades. He's extremely friendly, if not the brightest dog, and perfect for the kids to play with.

    Y8: Life Event 4: Unfortunately the new dog means the car isn't big enough to cart everything and everyone around at once, so when the sales start in January the first thing on the list is a new car. They need a big car, but they also care about the environment, so a hybrid is the only way to go.

    Y9: Baby 7: They weren't planning on having another child, but a happy accident leads not only one but two baby boys being born this year. Oliver and Dash are thrilled to have more boys in the house as Dexter Reid and Weston Miles arrive.

    Y10: Life Event 11: The teahouse business is still booming and you're looking into the neighbouring towns, not too close to steal custom from your current property, but close enough to have heard of it. They open another small store in a town an hour away, and it's an immediate success. Even though they could afford to hire people and move into a house, the family loves where they are right now, and loves interacting with their customers. They aren't going anywhere.

    Y11: Baby 8. They thought they were done reproducing. They weren't. Apparently multiples are going to run in this family because they have triplet girls. Once again the boys find themselves outnumbered, but they take it with good grace. Scarlett Amelia, Phoebe Freya, and Zoe Annabelle join the family.

    Y12: Baby 6: Once again the thought of not reproducing fails. The family finds themselves expecting to more girls, pushing their car and home over the limits. Nonetheless when Mila Evangline and Arabella Brynn join the family it all seems worth it.

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    Kate Elizabeth St. Clair and Christopher Ray St. Clair
    Year married: 2016

    2016: Three months after getting married, Chris is working as a District Attorney and Kate decides to open her own shop. It is called Adorababy Boutique, and sells custom-made crib bedding, baby clothes, and cloth-diaper covers as well as organic baby supplies.

    2017: When the store has been open for six months, it has already become a raging success and is quickly making up for its start-up costs, so they decide to start trying to conceive. It isn't easy, however, so they turn to IVF and get pregnant on the second cycle with triplets! Identical triplet girls Matilda Scarlett St. Clair "Tilda", Florence Sophia St. Clair "Wren", and Annabelle Sarah St. Clair "Bella" are born December 1st, 2017.

    2018: Three infants at once is a lot to handle, so Chris and Kate decide to put off having another baby for a while. Instead, they adopt a puppy, a six week old English Bulldog named Daisy.

    2019: The family loves the new puppy, but just as Chris and Kate start to think they might be ready for baby #4, Chris's uncle passes away unexpectedly. Also unexpectedly, he left Chris his large house in the will! The house is located in Fort Worth, TX, so the whole family packs up and moves. They sell the brick and mortar store and Kate continues to run Adorababy Boutique online from home. Their new house looks like:

    2020: After moving to Texas, Chris and Kate decide it's finally time for another baby. After several rounds of IVF, they get the good news that they're pregnant... with triplets! Again! This time, though, it's all boys. Days after finishing the all-blue nursery, triplet boys Henry Mason St. Clair, James Mitchell St. Clair, and Oscar Matthew St. Clair arrive five weeks early on August 9th, 2020. After a week in the NICU, they come home to mom and dad and their three older sisters.

    2021: When the boys are one year old, the family decides to get a kitten. They adopt a male ragdoll kitten and name him Benji.

    2022: Tilda, Wren, and Bella are turning five this year and Henry, James, and Oscar will be two, and Kate misses having a baby around. She and Chris discuss it and decide they're ready to add to their family again. They try IVF again, this time only doing one embryo at a time because apparently they're lucky with multiples... and get pregnant with twins! Daughters Leila Violet St. Clair and Harlow Vivienne St. Clair are born October 10th, 2022.

    2023: After running Adorababy Boutique strictly online for almost four years, a piece of real estate opens up five minutes from the family's home. It's leasing for an unbelievably low price, and although life is hectic with 8 kids under 6, Kate reopens Adorababy Boutique in Fort Worth.

    2024: Things are running smoothly for the family until one day, Chris gets a frantic phone call. It's his 16 year old younger sister, who is pregnant and doesn't know what to do with the baby. She's considering adoption, but she wants the baby to go to someone who she knows and trusts. She's wondering if their family will adopt the baby. After a family discussion, Chris and Kate decide it's the best idea for everyone involved if they adopt the baby. On June 30th, 2024, Stella Madisyn St. Clair is born and immediately signed over to them. Chris and Kate choose her first name, and her birth mom selects the middle.

    2025: After settling Stella into the family, things are uneventful for a while. Then, just before Christmas in 2025, Kate gets news that a larger company wants her to design clothes and bedding for their new baby line! The pay is double what she's currently making and she can work from home again, so she quickly agrees.

    2026: With their new increased income, Chris and Kate start trying for baby #10. The IVF is successful on the first round! But at 10 weeks pregnant, they suffer a miscarriage. Needing to get away for a while, they decide to go on a two week vacation to Spain instead.

    2027: Thinking the days of having little babies around the house are over, the family gets settled back into their routine back home. By now all the kids are begging for another pet, so they adopt a second dog. It's another English Bulldog, this one a boy, named Dozer.

    2028: Tilda, Wren, and Bella are 11; Henry, James, and Oscar are 9; Leila and Harlow are 7; and Stella is 5 when miraculously, after being unable to conceive on their own for eleven years, Kate finds out she's pregnant! The whole family holds their breath for nine months, but son Walker Simon St. Clair is born perfectly healthy on May 13th, 2028.

    The End!
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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