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    Rhode Island

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    DW: Charlotte Rosalie Reid
    DH: Luke Alexander Reid
    Married In: 2012

    A long-lost uncle left Charlotte (me) a gorgeous house in Rochester. Luke and Charlotte move there.

    Charlotte and Luke have their first baby - a spunky little girl who grows up to have big, shy, brown eyes and dark auburn hair - named Caroline Frances Reid.

    Charlotte decides to open up a little store in a town. It's a tiny ice cream shop open only in the summer called Lottie's Scoops and Sprinkles.

    Luke and Charlotte finally have a little man! He grows up to have a mop of dark brown hair and big dark eyes. His name is Jonah Simon Reid.

    Charlotte, who had always wanted a cat while growing up, convinces Luke to let her adopt a Maine coon called Blue.

    Another baby boy! He grows up to have curly light brown hair and small gray eyes. His name? Aidan Milo Reid.

    Luke's sister, Louisa [Reid] Coolwell, asks the Reids' help in naming her upcoming baby. When she is born, after long months of planning, she is called Annemarie Elizabeth Coolwell.

    Luke and Charlotte again inherit property, this time from an aunt. Instead of moving to the gorgeous house in Palm Bay, Luke and Charlotte rent it out to tourists, bringing in a good amount of extra money.

    Luke and Charlotte buy a new family car!

    Twin boys come to the family! The first twin has dark brown curly hair and very big blue eyes. The second has light orange straight hair and small gray eyes. Their names are Brooks Matteo Reid and Dante Emiliano Reid.

    Luke and Charlotte decide to move house. The twins just made it too cramped and the ice cream shoppe was going well enough to be sold to somebody else. They packed up to Virginia Beach.

    It was meant to be for little Caroline to have 6 younger brothers! Twin boys came yet again, this time identical, both with bright blue eyes and straight, light brown hair. This time, their names are Miles Camden Reid and Beau Landyn Reid.

    Finally, Caroline has sisters! Twin girls were finally born. The first looks a lot like Caroline, with big brown eyes and straight auburn hair. The second also looks like Caroline, but different - with small brown eyes and curly light orange hair. Their names? Adelaide Harper Reid & Lucille Penelope Reid.
    -- Lottie --

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    Couple: Avany Grace [Rodriguez] Brown & Dakota Christian Brown
    Year of marriage: 1999

    Y1- Baby Girl: Alexa Claire
    Y2- Twin Girls: Nala Lucile & Paisley Juliette
    Y3- Vacation to Belgium
    Y4- Triplets B/G/G: Kaleb Isaiah & Zoey Brooklyn & Olivia Faith
    Y5- Buy a new house #7
    Y6- Triplets B/B/B: Ethan Michael & Daniel Hunter & George Ryan
    Y7- Twins G/B: Seraphina Violet & Quentin Thomas
    Y8- Get to name Cousin Amy's Newborn Baby Girl: Avery Greer
    Y9- Baby Boy: Wyatt Christian
    Y10- Twin Girls: Adalynn Sienna & Elliana Scarlett
    Y11- New dog: Yorkie, Named: Sasha Nell
    Y12- Twin Boys: Camden Reid & Liam Russell
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    DW- Laura Louise
    DH - Richard John


    (2001) DD/DS/DD - Madison Paige, Brody James and Briony Payton

    (2002) I open a cupcake/clothes store called Lou's

    (2003) DS/DS - Jasper Cruz and Drake Cullen

    (2004) DS/DD/DS - Jacob Logan , Sofia Ava and Noah Alexander

    (2005) Dog- Pomerania called Pingu

    (2006) DD/DD - Harper Kenzie and Ivy Evangeline

    (2007) [PHP],1272550914,2/stock-photo-nice-big-old-house-in-boise-idaho-52014100.jpg[PHP]

    (2008) We vacation to spain,malaga

    (2009) DD/DD/DD- Freya Belle , Leah Eve and Georgia Grace

    (2010) We Vaction to Usa California (I got uk but I live there so I changed it)

    (2011) DD/DS - Elodie Faith and Ronan Patrick

    (2012) DS - Levi Nathaniel

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