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    Aug 2012
    2012: Michael Christopher and Melissa Michelle marry, in a small backyard ceremony with a few family and friends. They immediately begin TTC.

    2013: Success, and then some! Triplets Ruby Autumn, Sebastian Gabriel, and Caleb Oliver arrive to help celebrate their first anniversary.

    2014: Even though everone says they're crazy, they want a big family, so they begin TTC again. They are unsuccessful, but decide to open a dessert shop called "Sugar High" to help with the expenses that come along with a large family.

    2015: Mike and Melissa decide to splurge on themselves and buy a car:

    2016: Mike's long lost aunt passes away, and leaves a beautiful house to her favorite nephew and his family. They move to Fort Worth, Texas.

    2017: With the triplets starting preschool, Mike and Melissa decide to try again. This time they are doubly blessed: twins Griffin Rafferty and Maeve Amelie are the first of the family to be native born Texans.

    2018: Hazel Emery and Nora Pearl comes fast on their brother's and sister's heels the following year.

    2019: Moved by a television report about the number of overseas orphans with special needs waiting for their forever families, they decide to adopt a boy from Guatemala, born with a cleft palate. With a few surgeries, Maddox Scott is ready for his new life in America!

    2020: The children ask for a kitten; as always, they play Mike like a violin. "Buster Kitten" joins the family.

    2021: Melissa hates the heat and misses the fall, and wants her kids to see a white Christmas, so the family packs up and moves back eat to Worcester, MA.

    2022: Once again, their youngest is ready to start preschool. Mike and Melissa miss having babies to snuggle, and they're close to having enough children to field a soccer team, so they decide to try for children for the next three years and then stop, no matter what happens. This year, triplets again! Jasper James, Archie Ryan, and Noah Lachlan join the clan.

    2023: Theo Jonah makes it four for four on the boys front.

    2024: Sawyer Rhys and Beckett Miles will be the youngest of the clan.

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    proudtosayy Guest
    DH: Gregory James 'Greg'
    DW: Julianna Clair
    Year married: 2015

    2015(1): In their first year of marriage Julianna and Greg decide to adopt a small puppy, and they name her Gardenia. She is a small brown and white beagle, and they adore her. Though they know in their first year of marriage, they are not ready for kids, a puppy seems like a great start to them.

    2016(2): After over a full year of marriage, Julianne and Greg decide it is time to start trying for a baby. On their first time trying to conceive, they are shocked to learn that not only are they having a baby, they are having THREE! Two boys, and one little girl. 9 months later Greg names their daughter Bella Brooklyn, and Julianna names the boys Nolan Parker & Ashton Eli.

    2017(3): When three kids, Greg and Julianna both agree they need a bigger car, so they splurge and buy a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe. It is much bigger than the car they had before, and they are able to fit all the carseats into the car; and have room for more.

    2018(4): When the triplets are 2, Julianna starts to really want another baby. So she and Greg try for one more, and are shocked to discover that once again they are having triplets. This time they have all girls, and Julianna is glad that Bella will have little sisters, but so overwhelmed at the thought of 6 kids under 4. When the girls are born, Julianna and Greg agree on the names Anabella 'Ana' Lexi, Brooke Libby, & Evalyn Layla.

    2019(5): Less than a year after the second set of triplets birth, Greg gets a huge promotion at work, which is a huge relief to him and Julianna, who are really struggling with 6 kids as young as theirs were. And with this new promotion, they are guaranteed enough to go on a big trip, so that excites Bella, Nolan, and Ashton; who can't wait to go somewhere exciting one day.

    2020(6): Julianna starts to think that maybe they should get another pet, as she does not want Gardenia to feel lonely, so she allows the 4 year olds to pick out a pet before they start kindergarten, and they decide on a red, brown, and white cat that they name Fiona. And Greg and Julianna are happily surprised to see how amazingly well Gardenia and Fiona get along.

    2021(7): When Julianna's little sister Melody announces she is pregnant with her first child, she automatically ask Julianna and Greg for help naming her daughter. And when the baby is born, Melody and Julianna both are torn between Cecelia and Delilah, but in the end Melody names her child Delilah Mae.

    2022(8): After seeing Delilah, Julianna starts to want another child of her own. Greg is not so eager, with 3 6 years old, and 3 4 year old, he thinks maybe they have enough. Julianna wins the argument though, and they try again for another child, hoping for only 1. but after 5 months of trying, the longest they had ever had to try, yet again their triplet genes seemed to stick with them. This time it is 3 little boys, whom they name Jordan Connor, Hayden Cameron, & Hunter Caleb.

    2023(9): It is Libby, Ana, and Evalyn's first day of kindergarten! With 6 kids in school, Julianna is able to focus her attention on Jordan, Hayden, and Hunter; who are a lot noisier than her other babies were. As a present for starting kindergarten, just as she did with the older kids, she allows the girls to pick out a pet. This time it is a second dog, whom they name Bradley; he does not get along with Gardenia and Fiona at first, but they grow to get along over time.

    2024(10): Once again it is time to buy a new car, as they old one has had a lot of use over the years. After looking everywhere, Julianna and Greg agree on a Hyundai Tucson. It's a little small for them, but they make it work, as it is the only car they could both agree they loved.

    2025(11): Julianna are Greg are happier than ever. They love all 9 of their kids so much, and are very happy with the way their life is going, even if it is not at all what they thought it would be. And after years of being a stay-at-home mom, Julianna and a close friend named Heather open a baby clothing store, that they decide to call Precious Designs. They grand opening is a huge success, and Julianna is very happy with the store.

    2026: Though Julianna's store is doing well, and she loves it, and Greg is doing good on his job, the family decides it is time for a change. And so they decide to move across the country to Virginia Beach, Virginia. They live in a small apartment for a while, until they are able to find the perfect house for them.

    Children: 9
    Bella, Nolan, Ashton. (10)
    Libby, Ana, Evalyn. (8)
    Jordan, Hayden, Hunter. (4)
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    DH: Connor Patrick
    DW: Haley Marie

    Year 1) S/S/S: Mason Levi & Logan Caleb & Ethan Tyson
    Year 2) move to Rochester, New York (new house:
    Year 3) D/S/S: Stella Grace & Parker Jesse & Tyson Wyatt
    Year 4) S/S: Porter Abel & Ryker Bentley
    Year 5) We adopt a puppy, golden lab, named Rocco
    Year 6) S/S: Xander Cruz & Easton Miles
    Year 7) S: Hayden Cole
    Year 8) vacation to Ireland
    Year 9) S/D/D: Kyson Jett & Ainsley Mila & Braelyn Alanna
    Year 10) D: Clara Violet
    Year 11) S/S/S: Declan Oscar & Lachlan Kai & Callum Patrick
    Year 12) D/D/S: Leia Sophie & Kaylyn Sandra & Skyler

    Connor & Haley
    Mason & Logan & Ethan & Parker & Tyler & Porter & Ryker & Xander & Easton & Hayden & Kyson & Declan & Lachlan & Callum & Skyler

    Stella & Ainsley & Braelyn & Clara & Leia & Kaylyn

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    Mom+ Dad: Eloise Truley and Theo Laker

    Year 1: You have one baby girl. [FONT=Arial Black][/FONT]Eva Olivia

    Year 2: Have twin boys- Everett Declan and Kellen Bennett

    Year 3: Adopt a baby girl- Lennox Blaise

    Year 4: Adopt a stray mixed kitten named- Lulu

    Year 5: Adopt a dog- Bourbon

    Year 6: Inherit this property in Charlotte, NC

    Year 7: Family goes on vacation to Belgium

    Year 8: Inherit another property in Augusta, GA

    Year 9: Get a new car

    Year 10: Conceive Triplet girls- Annabelle Sofia, Lola Skye, and Sienna Matilda

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    Vanessa Leigh & Jacob Nicholas Richards
    Married 2020

    2020: Jacob and I wanted to have kids right away, but we were not successful. In other news, Jacob's Aunt who is not much older than him tragically died while paragliding on a vacation. She was a single mom and we get her 5 children. We get... Ryan Anthony (12), Danielle Monet (11), Caroline Marie (10 and twin to Bailey), Bailey Nicole (10 and twin to Caroline) and Evan Xavier Baker (1)

    2021: This year Jake got a big promotion and we took a family trip to Barcelona, Spain! The kids loved it and so did we! It was a great expierence!

    2022: Still enjoying the new income, Jake and I splurge and buy a new car! It looks like this:

    2023: Jake and I wanted to have more children, so we TTC and we got pregnant! At our first Ultrasound, we get a shock.. we are having triplets! Later we find out that we have a girl and two boys! We name them: Owen James, Connor Gabriel, and Sophia Charlotte Baker!

    2024: The kids are growing up so fast! Ryan is 16, Danielle is 15, Caroline & Bailey are 14, Evan is 5, and the triplets are 1! With 8 kids our 5 bedroom house is becoming unbearable. Jake and I decide to buy a new home! It's beautiful and has enough space for everyone! It looks like this:

    2025: This year Jake and I did something risky, open a store! I had always wanted to own a Frozen Yogurt shop ever since I stepped into TCBY. We named it Baker's Yogurt and it has become incredibly successful!

    2025: Business is booming and the kids are growing up fast! One night we get a phone call from my mother-in-law. One of my Brother-in-laws passed away in Australia getting stung from a deathly sting-ray. We inherit his 10 children. They are: Adelaide Pearl "Addy" (10), Quinn Tanya (9), Zinnia April (8 and twin to Gwendolyn), Gwendolyn Brooke (8 and twin to Zinnia), Holli-Anne Ray (7 and twin to Hallie), Hallie Grace (7 and twin to Holly-Anne), Joy Rachelle (6), Vince Alexander (3 and twin to Vivi), Vivi Alexandria (3 and twin to Vince) and Russel Jacob (2)

    2026: Once again, tragedy strikes. My great grandmother dies, but leaves us her huge farm house, which we will need with 18 children. It looks like this: Because of this we re-locate to Louisville, Kentucky. It's hard on all of us. I keep Baker's Yogurt open and Manage it from Kentucky. I am opening another branch here in Louisville.

    2027: Unfortunately, we discovered the farm house wasn't large enough. We move to a Louisville suburb and buy an 8 bedroom house and add a basement and a 3rd floor to make it an 18 bedroom house! We love it to pieces and we even built a movie room!

    2028: With all of our kids, the car got trashed pretty quickly. Jake and I splurged and bought a new car! It looks like this:

    2029: This year my great-great aunt Hilda died. She left us a 6 bedroom property, also in Louisville. We sold the house to a long-time friend of ours and used the money to go on a vacation! It looked like this:

    2030: This year was fantastic! Jake got another promotion and is now the CEO of his company. With the new income we put a small pool in the backyard and expanded our movie room!

    2031: This year I opened Baker's Yogurt here in Louisville! It's doing great!

    2032: This year the entire family took a vacation to Ireland. It was a memory I wouldn't trade for the world!

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