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    Jorrian Rachelle Trass and Brian Richard Trass married in 2020

    Year one: 2021 :
    We buy a house:

    Year two: 2022 :
    We have a triplet boys:
    Owen Mason Trass
    Justin Gabriel Trass
    Declan Alexander Trass

    Year three: 2023 :
    We have G/B/B Triplets:
    Nathan Chase Trass
    Evan Thomas Trass
    Sarah Alexa Trass

    Year four: 2024 :
    We buy a new house:

    Year five: 2025 :
    We have a baby girl:
    Addison Paige Trass

    Year six: 2026 :
    We get a rottweiler puppy named Lord Humphrey Boxington III

    Year seven: 2027 :
    We have triplet girls:
    Evelyn Gracie Trass
    Isla Scarlet
    Sophie Olivia

    Year eight: 2028 :
    We have twin boys:
    Emmett Becket Trass
    Bentley Everett Trass

    Year nine: 2029 :
    We go on vacation to Greece

    Year ten: 2030:
    Brian's sister and husband tragically die in a house fire. Leaving us with their 5 kids
    Ethan Caspian Harris Age 11
    Autumn Olympia Harris Age 11
    Melody Amaryllis Harris Age 6
    Tatum Seraphina Harris Age 2
    Cyrus Talon Harris Age 1

    Year eleven: 2031 :
    We buy a new car:

    Year twelve: 2032 :
    WE adopt a baby girl from Ireland named:
    Thea Caroline Trass

    My family: twenty years later :
    Me and Brian ages: 58 and 61
    Owen is 28
    Justin is 28
    Declan is 28
    Nathan is 27
    Evan is 27
    Sarah is 27
    Addison is 25
    Evelyn is 23
    Isla is 23
    Sophie is 23
    Emmett is 22
    Bentley is 22
    Ethan is 32
    Autumn is 32
    Melody is 27
    Tatum is 23
    Cyrus is 22
    Thea is 20

    In total we have 18 kids

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    Couple: Shane Zachary & Isabella Katherine "Bella"
    Year Married: 2000

    2001: New Car -

    2002: Inherit Property from Deceased Relative -

    2003: Open A Clothing Store - Oh the Glamour

    2004: Triplets - Ellie Summer, Georgia Rose, Sophia Madison "Sophie"

    2005: Triplets - Brooke Quinn, John Carson, Tyler Jaxon

    2006: Twins - Nathan Thomas "Nate", Anna Violet

    2007: Twins - Norah Paisley, Tatum Harlow

    2008: Adopt a Puppy - Beagle - Scottie

    2009: Help Name a Baby - Boy - Bradley Lucas

    2010: Girl - Francesca Arden

    2011: Take in Orphaned Boy - 11 Years Old - Chance Nicholas

    2012: New House -

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    Penelope Serene Black, 25
    Orion Nathaniel Black, 28
    Year of marriage: 2020

    Year 1 {2032}
    My best friend, Tuesday Anastasia, just had her
    third (& last) baby with Orion's best friend,
    Augustine Dexter Reslipenn. They already have
    2 children, a boy & a girl. Orion & I became
    the godparents of their oldest son, & that's
    how we met. Tuesday asked for my
    opinion on naming the new baby. It is a boy,
    with black hair, like Tuesday, but his father's
    green eyes. Tuesday told me that they planned
    on giving him the middle name Nathaniel, after
    Orion. So, I name him Eden Nathaniel Reslipenn.

    Year 2 {2022}
    I open a bookstore on the main street of our
    town. I name it "Nelly's hideout". I often have
    my "niece & nephews" (Tuesday's children)
    over, so they can relax in there. Tuesday &
    Augustine's only daughter, Luna Serene,
    especially loves to stay with me and watch the

    Year 3 {2023}
    After pursuading Orion into having a baby, we
    start trying. 3 months after our first anniversary,
    I'm 5 months pregnant. Later, we welcome a
    screaming baby boy into the world. He has
    a head full of rust colored curls, that we're
    puzzled by. As he gets older, we're pleased
    to see that they remain, they just add to his
    spunk. We name him Barnaby Milo. He has
    grey eyes, just like his daddy's.

    Year 4 {2024}
    Orion & decide it's time for a move. We don't
    plan on having a new baby for a few more years,
    but we constantly have Eden, Luna, & their
    big brother (Xavier Bradley Reslipenn) over,
    so we buy a bigger house. It's also closer to the
    bookstore, within walking distance. Our house:

    Year 5 {2025}
    Orion has 1 older brother, a man 12 years older
    than him. When Orion was 8, his brother dropped
    out of college, telling his parents that he was to
    move to Los Angeles, to become an actor. His
    parents didn't support his brother (Tobias) &
    disowned him. Apparently, Tobias sent Orion
    birthday presents every birthday, since he was
    disowned. When I asked him if his brother became
    a famous actor, he vaguely nodded & said he
    changed his name. One day, I was tending to
    a sick 7 year old Luna & 20 month old Barnaby,
    when the phone rings. Orion answers, and all
    I see is his devastated face before he walks out
    of the room. 10 minutes later, he comes &
    explains that the person on the phone was Tobias'
    lawyer, stating that Tobias & his wife were killed
    in an airplane crash. We dropped the kids
    off at Tuesday's, & flew to LA. On the plane,
    I learned that Tobias changed his name to
    Brighton Thomas, an actor I love. We attend
    the funeral, & the reading of the will... & return
    home with Tobias' 3 children, who he specified
    were to go to his little brother in the event of his
    death. The first is a girl, named Francesca Olivia,
    she is 10, & has blond hair & brown eyes. Then,
    there is a boy, 5 year old Harrison Orion, who
    has blond hair & grey eyes. Lastly, is a 4 year old
    girl, Magdalena Opal. She has rust colored
    curls, that Orion neglected to tell me Tobias
    had. Lena has brown eyes.

    Year 6 {2026}
    We decide its time to get a new car, since we
    now have 3 more kids, & have to worry about
    various places to attend at specific times.
    Francesca takes ballet & a few art classes. She
    has taken a liking to our godson, Xavier, & he
    keeps an eye on "Annie" when we can't.
    Harrison, is very athletic, & we learned that he
    prefers to go by Orion, which was confusing at
    first, but we're adjusting. Magdalena is a
    spitfire. Her & mellow Eden even each other out.
    Her long curls bounce everywhere, & whatever
    you call her (Maggie, Lena, Laney, LeeLee, Mags,
    "Magdalena Opal Black-Thomas, come over here!),
    be ready to be amused by her responses.
    ("That's not my name; I changed it to Rapunzel!"
    "Ok, love, ok")

    Year 7 {2027}
    Magdalena has been BEGGING for a puppy,
    & so have Orion Jr. & our son, Barnaby. So
    we get one, & name it Gideon.

    Year 8 {2028}
    We take the whole family to Greece for the
    summer. Tuesday, Augustine & their kids come,
    too, & we all have a great time.

    Year 9 {2029}
    Xavier & Annie are 14, Luna is 11, Orion Jr. is
    9, Eden & Laney are 8, & Barnaby will be 6. We
    decide that we need another baby in the
    Black-Thomas-Reslipenn extended family. We
    end up with twins. Boy/girl twins with grey eyes.
    Phoebe Anastasia & Dexter Tobias. They
    have rust colored curls to match Laney &
    Barnaby, & their late uncle Tobias.

    Year 10 {2030}
    Tuesday & I help plan her little sister, January
    Ramona's, wedding. She gets married in a
    beautiful garden. Orion almost ripped off
    Xavier's fingers when we saw him dancing
    with Francesca. Xavier is lucky that he's our
    godson. January thought it was hilarious,
    & Tuesday handed me 2 twenties; we had a bet
    on when they would get together. Orion was
    slightly scandalized until he saw that I
    had to give a twenty to Magdalena & Eden,
    both also in on the bet, too.

    Year 11 {2031}
    This time, its 8 year old Barnaby who wants a
    puppy. We name her Thea.

    Year 12 {2032}
    While Orion & I are on vacation in Australia,
    we adopt a newborn baby boy, and keep his
    first name as his middle. He has light brown
    hair & blue eyes. We name him Soren

    DW: Penelope Serene Black, 37
    DH: Orion Nathaniel Black, 40

    Francesca Olivia Black-Thomas, 17
    Harrison Orion Black-Thomas, 12
    Magdalena Opal Black-Thomas, 11
    Barnaby Milo Black, 9
    Dexter Tobias Black, 3
    Phoebe Anastasia Black, 3
    Soren Zachariah Black, NB

    Best Friends:
    DW: Tuesday Anastasia Reslipenn
    DH: Augustine Dexter Reslipenn

    Xavier Bradley Reslipenn, 17
    Luna Serene Reslipenn, 14
    Eden Nathaniel Reslipenn, 11
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    DW: Iris Quinn
    DH: Bennett Vinson
    Year of marriage: 2020

    2020-We get married in Santa Cruz, CA, on the beach. After a honeymoon in Hong Kong, we move to a suburb of San Diego and open a small surf shop that quickly becomes very successful.

    2021-Because our beach wedding was such a success, my new sister-in-law asks me to help plan hers. We have a big bonfire on the beach at the reception, and everyone has a blast.

    2022-We decide to start our family, but I miscarry. An aunt I'm not terribly close to asks me to help her plan her wedding, to help keep my mind off things. It works, and we have a huge party in Vegas at the Bellagio.

    2023-Bennett and I decide to try again, and I give birth to triplet boys. Phoenix Kai, Oliver Declan, and Liam Jackson are born small but healthy.

    2024-Since our family has suddenly grown much bigger much quicker than we expected, we decide to buy a new house. It looks like this:

    2025-Now that we have more room, we decide to expand our family. I give birth to identical twin girls-Kenzie Evangeline & Stella Ivy.

    2026-Everyone's excited for another addition to the family-Nell Clementine.

    2027-My father and his much-younger third wife are killed in a car accident. Since I am the only one who wasn't angry with him for starting a new family, Bennett and I take in their six children. Arthur Noam (12), Caspian Reid (10), Holden Graham (8), Donnelly Claire (5), Lila Marisol (4), and Maura Rowan (3) are understandably shell-shocked and things are rough for awhile.

    2028-We decide to take all the kids to Greece in an effort to promote family bonding.

    2029-We're stressed but thrilled to find I am once again expecting triplets-Molly Jade, Wyatt Grayson, Aidan Carter.

    2030-Following a record year at the surf shop, we decide to take everyone on another trip. We suggest several different countries, but all of the older kids beg to return to Greece.

    2031-Our house is now bursting at the seams, so we buy a bigger one in the same school district. It looks like this:

    2032-I give birth one more time, this time to twins. The older kids help us pick out the names-Silas Gideon & Jameson Charlie.

    17 Kids:
    Phoenix, Oliver, Liam (9); Kenzie, Stella (7); Nell (6); Arthur (17), Caspian (15), Holden (13), Donnelly (10), Lila (9), Maura (8); Molly, Wyatt, Aidan (3); Silas, Jameson (nb)
    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Jane, Iris, Starling, Mercy, Josephine, Acacia, Gemma, Maura, Quinn, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Nova, Virginia, Noor, Schuyler

    Caspian, Rafferty, Jameson, Phoenix, August, Bennett, Soren, Jory, Callen, Mercer, Asa, Josiah, Grayson, Holden, Kai, Jasper, Charlie, Adlai, Liam, Ashley

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    LN: McKeown
    DH: Emmett James
    DW: Eleanora Isabelle
    Year of Marriage: 2014

    2014: Emmett is promoted to Vice President of the corporation he works for. He receives tons of bonuses and we can afford to move out of our loft in the city and into a huge house on the river.

    2015: They adopt a little black kitten and call it Juniper

    2016: They have twin girls, Rose Evangeline & Quinn Genevieve!

    2017: They buy a new house. A nice classic house in the suburbs:

    2018: They conceive but have a miscarraige. They adopt a Siberian Husky puppy named Sasha

    2019: They have triplet girls! Isla Megan, Brooke Annabelle, and Eva Paige

    2020: They buy a new car to accommodate their family of 7 :

    2021: They inherit an old Victorian property in Saybrook, Connecticut from Emmett's great Aunt Josephine who recently passed away:

    2022: They have one baby girl, Gemma Felicity

    2023: Eleanora's best friend Caroline is having her first baby girl but is having a terrible time coming up with names. Since the McKeown's have already named six little girls, Elle offers up some advice. Together they come up with the name Mabel Grace.

    2024: Having contracted baby fever from little Mabel the McKeown's decide to have another baby and end up with twin boys! Miles Finnegan and Liam Archer!

    2025: The McKeown's go on vacation to their native Ireland

    2026: They have one more baby; a girl, Louisa Kate

    The McKeown's
    Emmett & Eleanora
    Rose and Quinn (10)
    Isla, Brooke, and Eva (7)
    Gemma (4)
    Miles and Liam (2)
    Louisa (NB)
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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