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    Jan 2012
    DW: Amelia Mae Olson
    DH: Shane Michael Danielsen
    Married in 2019

    2019: We decide that while we still aren't ready for kids, we'd like a kitten. We get a British Longhair and name her Dusty.

    2020: We are blessed with triplet boys! We name them Liam Thomas, Jayden Chase, and Declan Christopher.

    2021: We decide to move to Memphis, Tennessee.

    2022: Shane and I conceive a child, but we unfortunately have a miscarriage. We do manage to take the triplets on a trip to Germany.

    2023: We have a beautiful baby girl! We name her Miranda Arden.

    2024: Our close family friends ask us for help naming their unborn son. We help them decide on the name Wesley Sean.

    2025: Shane and I have another miscarriage. We also give in to the kids' constant asking for a puppy, and get a papillon which we name Hadley.

    2026: We have triplets again! This time, it's a girl and two boys. We name them Peyton Madeleine, Wyatt Marcus, and Adam Blake

    2027: We decide to take the family on a vacation to Spain!

    2028: Shane and I decided to buy another house, since it was getting pretty crowded in our old one.

    2029: We decide to have one last child, and we have a girl who we name Audrey Rose.

    2030: We decide to splurge on a new car.

    The Family:
    Amelia Olson-Danielsen and Shane Danielsen
    Liam, Jayden, and Declan Danielsen (11)
    Miranda Danielsen (8)
    Peyton, Wyatt, and Adam Danielsen (5)
    Audrey Danielsen (2)

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    United States
    2013: Allison Ann and Leo Reese Krause get married.
    2014: You and DH inherit a property from a deceased relative.
    House: City: Palm Bay, Florida
    2015: You have twin boys. Declan Leo and Bronson Reese
    2016: You and DH splurge to buy yourselves a new family car. What does it look like?
    2017: You open your own store in town. It is a children's clothing store and it's called "Patterns, Stitches, and Patches."
    2018: Your family adopts a puppy. It's a 8 month old beagle and the twins name him Rio.
    2019: We have a baby girl and name her Ivy Aurora.
    2020: We accidentally get pregnant and have a baby boy. We name him Colton Tyler
    2021: My younger sister asks me to help plan her wedding. I fly back to California with Colton and Ivy to help her with the planning.
    2022: I open another branch to my store, a maternity section and name it "I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant!"
    2023: Your family adopts a puppy. It's another beagle and we name him Vance.
    2024: My older sister, who was a single mother to 7 children, because her husband died in Iraq, gets in a tragic accident, leaving her in a coma. The children have nowhere else to go, so they come to live with us. Sebastian Joel is 10, Griffin Jared is 8, Holden Eric is 6, Vivian Alyssa is 4, and the triplets Joshua James, Olivia Juliet, and Johanna Noelle, are 2.

    Allison Ann and Leo Reese Krause
    Declan Leo and Bronson Reese 12
    Sebastian Joel 12
    Griffin Jared 10
    Holden Eric 8
    Ivy Aurora 8
    Colton Tyler 7
    Vivian Alyssa 6
    Joshua James 4
    Olivia Juliet 4
    Johanna Noelle 4

    Master Bedroom:
    Declan, Bronson, and Sebastian's room:
    Griffin and Holden's room:
    Ivy and Vivian's room:
    Colton and Joshua's room:
    Olivia and Johanna's room:
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    Surname: Hastings

    DH: Rhys Langston
    DW: Juliette Rae

    Married: 2012

    After we get married, we decide to buy a new house in a quiet little neighborhood. Our new home looks like this:

    Once settled into the house, we decide to start trying for our first baby. About a year later, our some Jasper Simon Hastings is born.

    When Jasper is only a few months old, my husband and I are suprised to find out that I'm already pregnant again. We're even more surprised when the doctor tells us we're having twins. Our twins, a boy named Elliot Abram Hastings and a girl named Evangeline Pearl Hastings (called Evie) are born close to their big brother's birthday.

    We decide to take some time off before we have more children. In the meantime, my good friend Miranda and her husband Jeff decide to have their first child. They know I'm a name nerd and ask my help finding a name. I suggest Iris Catherine for their daughter, and she's born in the summer.

    The next year, my husband's grandfather leaves him some property in his will. The house is in Charlotte, NC, and it looks like this: 5 or 6: We decide to keep the house and renovate it, but ultimately, we're happy living in our own house and don't plan to move.

    The very next year, Rhys, who is a lawyer, is made partner in his law firm. This is something he's worked for his entire career. It is a recognition of his talents as a lawyer--and the extra money won't hurt.

    Now that Jasper is 5 and the twins are 3, Rhys and I decide to try for another baby. We wind up having triplets, a boy and two girls! Our son is William Dallas Hastings, and our daughters are Sophia Jewel and Adelaide Faith. We'll nickname them Will, Sophie, and Addie.

    With all these kids in the house, Rhys and I decide we need a pet. We adopt a Ginger Tabby kitten named Venturo.

    The next year, my friend Sarah decides to marry her longtime boyfriend Austin. Sarah knows I planned my own wedding, so she enlists me to help her with their upcoming wedding. They don't want anything fancy, so we decide to go with a backyard garden wedding at her parents house. The caterer does a barbecue spread, and my husband's country-rock band volunteers to play the reception.

    Our three year-old triplets start pre-school, and Rhys and I both agree that we miss having a baby. We decide to try again and have twins boys named Beau Walker Hastings and Milo Tucker Hastings.

    Once the twins are a year old, I decide to open a little second-hand bookstore in town. I call it Second Look.

    We've been married 11 years. Jasper is 10, the first set of twins is 8, the triplets are 5, and the second set of twins is 2. We decide to go on a rare family vacation to Spain.

    Rhys and I discover we've brought back an unexpected souvenir from Spain. I'm pregnant again! This time we have a girl named Georgia Rose Hastings.

    Jasper, Elliot, Evie, Will, Sophie, Addie, Beau, Milo, and Georgia
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    DH: Jack Thomas Wood
    DW: Hope Cara Wood
    Year of Marriage: 2015

    2016: Shortly after getting married, Hope's brother announces that him and his wife are expecting their second child. They already have a little girl who is 6 and they find out that they're having another girl! Hope and her brother are very close, so he asks for her assistance in naming their new baby. They settle on the name Sophia Rose.

    2017: After spending a lot of time with Hope's brother's new baby, Hope and Jack decide they're ready to have their first baby. Hope becomes pregnant almost immediately and has a healthy baby boy named Tobias Jack Wood "Toby".

    2018: When Hope and Jack got married they moved away from their families to a different part of the country because there were much better job prospects for them, and the cost of living was cheaper. But now with Toby here as well, they both miss their families and wish Toby could spend more time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. So they move back to Memphis, Tennessee. This is their new house:

    2019: Just before Toby turns 2, they're itching to have another baby in the house! And, ideally, want children close in age. Thinking it will be easy to have another baby, as Hope fell pregnant so quickly last time, they start trying right away. This time, they really struggle, and after many long months of trying unsuccessfully, they decide to go visit the doctor, just to make sure everything's ok. Tests reveal that Jack has a very low sperm count, and it's almost miraculous that they got pregnant with Toby, especially so quickly. The doctor recommends that the couple try IVF as it seems as though they'd be unlikely to conceive naturally. They decide it's the right thing to do, as they desperately want another baby. Hope falls pregnant on the first round of IVF, they're both ecstatic to finally be having their second baby. At their first scan, they find out that more than one of the eggs implanted, and they're having triplets! The babies are born 2 months early, but thankfully, are all healthy. They're all boys, named Max Nicholas Wood, Joel Oliver Wood & Leo Zachary Wood.

    2020: Jack receives a job offer in Chicago, Illinois, and after much debating, the family decide it's too good to pass up, so they uproot and move. They decide it's the best time to go for it, as with all the boys being so young still, they haven't really made friends yet, so it will be good to get them settled, especially Toby, before they start school. This is their new home:

    2021: Moving to a new area again was tough for the whole family, Hope especially struggles being in house most of the time taking care of the boys. Jack buys her a new car, so that she can have some more freedom whilst he's at work, and it's perfect to fit their big family in!

    2022: Hope's best friend announces that she is getting married! Hope is the maid of honour and her best friend wants her to plan the wedding. Hope plans a big winter wedding, and it even snows on the day!

    2023: Late one night Jack receives a phone call from his father. He's distraught, but manages to explain to Jack that his brother, James, died in a road traffic accident earlier that evening. James had a 10 year old son, Felix Eli Wood. James was a single parent as his wife died from cancer when Felix was just 2 years old. Jack and James were very close, so Jack immediately offers to adopt Felix.

    2024: With their boys now being 11, 7 and 5, Hope and Jack decide to have one more baby as they'd really like to have a daughter. They decide to go for IVF again as they don't want to go through the struggle they had before. This time it takes a bit longer, but the couple are delighted, when a few months later, they're expecting another baby! Their first scan reveals that they're having identical twins! Hope manages to carry them to term, and gives birth to two more boys! They're named Finn Emmett Wood and Jasper Milo Wood.

    2025: Jack and Hope decide to take the family on a big holiday this year, as they haven't had one since they started having children. They go to Greece for 2 weeks.

    2026: The boys beg their parents for a pet. Hope and Jack agree to adopt a kitten, she is grey and white and they name her Lola.

    2027: After falling ill, a trip to the doctor's confirms that Hope is actually suffering from morning sickness, and is miraculously pregnant! Even though they weren't trying, the couple are delighted. 1 month early, Hope gives birth to their first daughters, twins! They're named Juliette Isla Wood & Annabella Ruby Wood "Annie".

    2028: With the family having rapidly grown over the last few years, they decide to buy a new house. This is it:

    The family:
    DH: Jack Thomas Wood (37)
    DW: Hope Cara Wood (35)
    DS: Tobias Jack Wood "Toby" (11)
    DS/DS/DS: Max Nicholas Wood & Joel Oliver Wood & Leo Zachary Wood (9)
    DS: Felix Eli Wood (15) [adopted]
    DS/DS: Finn Emmett Wood & Jasper Milo Wood (4)
    DD/DD: Juliette Isla Wood & Annabella Ruby Wood "Annie" (1)
    Kitten: Lola (2)

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    DH: Tyler William McAlister
    DW: Bailey Isabella Ann McAlister
    Year of Marriage: 2016

    DD/DD: Lila Adelaide Brynn and Isla Juliette Quinn (Year One)

    We inherit a house from my grandmother, who the twins are named after, Juliette Adelaide. It’s the ‘family home’ in Charlotte, North Carolina: (Year Two)

    We adopt a kitten from the side of the road that we name Jinx. (Year Three)

    DD/DS: Ruby Elisabeth Mae and Damien Alexander (Year Four)

    DS/DS/DS: Aiden William, Oliver James and Caleb Edward (Year Five)
    DS: Owen Jasper (Year Six)
    DD/DS: Adele Madeline Jane and Nolan Thomas (Year Seven)

    We decide to take our growing brood on a trip to Spain for the summer! (Year Eight)

    DS (Adopted from Spain): AntonioTonyTyler (Year Nine)

    We adopt a puppy from the pound that we name Lucky (Year Ten)

    DD: Willa Caroline Rose (Year Eleven)

    DD/DD/DD: Molly Alexandra Lily, Lacey Isabella Grace and Daisy Charlotte Sophia (Year Twelve)

    Bailey & Tyler: Lila, Isla, Ruby, Damian, Aiden, Oliver, Caleb, Owen, Adele, Nolan, Antonio, Willa, Molly, Lacey and Daisy.

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