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    This is the story of our kids, my husband, Michael, and myself, Jane.

    In April of 2025, the Bordeux family welcomes triplet girls, Alexandra Lily, Isabelle Scarlett, and Sophie Imogen

    Madeleine Alice was the next addition born October 11, 2026.

    We decided to wait a little bit, but not too long to have their next beauty, Gabriella Felicity, who was born in the summer of 2028, and was our fifth consecutive daughter!

    The very next year, Michael finally got his wish, and our triplet boys were born. We named them, Adam Michael, Hugo Callum, and, George Luca.

    Unfortunetly for Michael, the boy streak did not last and the twins, Vivienne Isla and Juliette Evangeline were born, but I'm pretty sure these darling sweethearts did not disappoint their papa.

    At the risk of having even more daughters, not that we didn't love our girls, but trust me even I am sick of the pink, so we adopted Jean-Luc from france, where Michael and I both originated from.

    In March of 2033, we were given the best of both worlds and had boy/girl twins, Anastasia Beatrix and Griffin Alistair.

    The following year, luck struck twice and we had boy/girl twins again! We named them, Ezra Donovan and Sabrina Ruby.

    Finally after sometime we gave birth to a singleton, in early winter of 2036, Amelia Violet.

    Again we got another visit from the twin fairy, and we were blessed with Aria Harper and Athena Ivy.

    In 2038, Axel Miles and Jaxson Emmett were born.

    Lastly in July of 2040, Dominic Levi and Ariana Caroline and Ariana Caroline were born.

    So our 22 kids are named, Alexandra, Isabelle, Sophie, Madeleine, Gabriella, Adam, Hugo, Vivienne, Juliette, Jean-Luc, Anastasia, Griffin, Ezra, Sabrina, Amelia, Aria, Athena, Axel, Jaxson, Dominic, and Ariana.

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    Albany, Australia
    LN: Evans

    DH: Peter Donald
    DW: Dianne Elise

    Year of marriage: 2018

    Year One: We are blessed with boy/girl twins during our first year of marriage! Benjamin Charles and Cecilia Theodora are welcomed into our home. Ben is quite a placid young man, unlike his sister, Lia.

    Year Two: Peter and I try to conceive once again but we are unsuccessful. In our spare time, we open up a coffee shop that appeals to the café society, with our close friends, Iris and Jackson. ‘La Tour Épineu’ is quite successful. As we are spending so much extra time with our friends and their children, Evangeline (9), Gabriel (6) and Michael (5), we can’t help but hope to have another child soon.

    Year Three: We are delighted to be having boy/girl twins once again! And Ben and Lia seem excited as well! Jonathon Paxton and Jessamine Primrose bring quite a lot of excitement into the family home. Jessa reminds us so much of Ben! And we can’t help but find that Lia and John have similarities as well.

    Year Four: We visit Peter’s family in the United Kingdom. During our vacation we stay with his brother and sister-in-law, Anthony and Eleanor, and their children; Josephine (10), Charlotte (9), Elisabeth (8), Isabella (7), Victoria (7) and Alice (5). We couldn’t thank them enough. We were also able to celebrate Ben and Lia’s fourth birthday in England, which they enjoyed very much.

    Year Five: After our return from England, Ben and Lia began nagging for a pet. During our vacation they had plenty of fun playing with Anthony and Eleanor’s three dogs, and now wish for one of their own. We adopt a black Labrador from the pound called Rebel. He is overly energetic which keeps the kids occupied, and also has a habit of ‘rounding them up’.

    Year Six: After participating in an orphanage fundraiser, Peter and I choose to look into adoption, particularly an older child. We come across Acacia Marie (14), a girl who has spent four years in orphanages, watching four of her five siblings getting adopted. She is quite arty and very outgoing. Ben and Lia absolutely adored her, and she seemed to like our four children as well.

    Year Seven: We allow Acacia to adopt a kitten and she finds a small black and white one at the shelter. She calls it Biscuit. Ben, Lia, John and Jessa enjoy watching her pounce at things, and she seems to get along with Rebel very well. And Acacia loves her most of all.

    Year Eight: After hearing news that Acacia’s little brother is still in an orphanage, we look to adopt him. Dawson George (11) joins the family before Christmas and Acacia couldn’t be more delighted to have her brother with her. Dawson is very much like Acacia in appearance and enjoys sports. John and Jessa celebrate their fifth birthday and begin school full-time. Though we have six children in our house, we can’t help but find it quiet during the day.

    Year Nine: We decide it’s only fair to allow Dawson to get a pet as well, and he finds a gold Labrador about Rebel’s age at the shelter called Bonnie. Rebel and Bonnie get along swell, and they seem to make a friendship with Biscuit. By New Year, we are blessed with seven pups! Five are sent to good homes and we keep two; Ocean and Land. Ocean is just like her father, overly energetic and outgoing, and Land is unlike both his parents and quite gentle and shy.

    Year Ten: With La Tour Épineu becoming increasingly popular, Iris and Jackson suggest we split a part of the profit between ourselves, rather than spending it on the coffee shop. With the money, Peter and I choose to buy a new house and we move to Rochester, New York. The children were all very excited as well as the pets.

    Year Eleven: Anthony and Eleanor die in a traffic incident, leaving their six daughters and son orphaned. We have plenty of space in our new home and take them all in. Josephine Hazelle (17), Charlotte Evelyn (16), Elisabeth Marie (15), Isabella Aspen (14), Victoria Sage (14), Alice Chantilly (12) and Harry Kingston (2) and their cats; Camille, Priscilla, Amelia, Isadora, Sophia, and Knox, fit into the family splendidly. Biscuit and Knox especially get along and by Easter, there are kittens in our home. We didn’t want to keep any of them, however after all twelve children begging us to let them keep ‘at least one’. We allow them to select one, they call him Prince.

    Year Twelve: We decide to take a vacation to England to visit the rest of Peter’s family and to take Josephine, Charlotte, Elisabeth, Isabella, Victoria, Alice and Harry back to their home country. Though it does spring a few tears here and there, I think Anthony and Eleanor’s children were glad we took them there. The rest of the family enjoyed it also, especially Acacia and Dawson, who haven’t been to England before.

    DH/DW: Peter Donald and Dianne Elise Evans
    DD: Acacia Marie (20)
    DD: Josephine Hazelle (18)
    DD: Charlotte Evelyn (17)
    DD: Elisabeth Marie (16)
    DS/DD/DD: Dawson George, Isabella Aspen and Victoria Sage (15)
    DD: Alice Chantilly (13)
    DS/DD: Benjamin Charles and Cecilia Theodora (11)
    DS/DD: Jonathon Paxton and Jessamine Primrose (9)
    DS: Harry Kingston (3)

    DDogs: Rebel and Bonnie with Ocean and Land
    DCats: Biscuit and Knox with Prince, and Camille, Priscilla, Amelia, Isadora and Sophia
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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    2011: Daniel Ashton, Isabella Jade & Rylee Faith

    2012: Mason Alexander, Peyton Gabrielle & Madelyn Piper

    2013: We inherited a house: In Palm Bay, Florida.

    2014: We buy a new house:

    2015: Lucas Matthew, Ryan Nate & Jett Mitchell

    2016: Jackson Tyler, Savannah Bailey & Ruby Summer

    2017: Imogen Sophia, Lexi Brooke & Skye Elizabeth

    2018: Dylan Brandon, Evelyn Victoria & Trinity Jordyn

    2019: Cooper James, Max Hunter & Jasper Nicholas

    2020: We move to a new city: Chicago, Illinois.

    2021: Jessica Violet, Chase Carter & Kai Parker

    2022: Vacation to Ireland.

    (I seriously have no clue why I got triplets every time I rolled the dice for kids.)

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    Jun 2011
    New Zealand
    DH: Kit Alexander
    DW: Hanna Joy

    Married: 2011

    1st Year: We splurge on a new car:
    2nd Year: My Grandmother dies and we inherit her house:
    3rd Year: Kit and I attempt to conceive, but are unsucessful. Luckily, my best friend Miranda asks me to help plan her Morrocan inspired wedding.
    4th Year: We welcome TRIPLETS! Hugo William, Luca Benjamin & Beau Declan
    5th Year: Kit and I buy a new house:
    6th Year: Kit and I welcome a baby girl! Tessa Juliet
    7th Year: My good friend Miranda asks me to help name her baby boy, Rufus Adrian.
    8th Year: Kit and I welcome another baby girl! Zoe Miranda Kate
    9th Year: Kit inherits his Great Aunts house when she dies:
    10th Year: Kit and I fall pregnant, but lose the baby. This is a hard year as Kit's oldest sister Jenny and her husband Anthony are killed in plane crash. We become the legal guardians of their two boys, Henry Alexander (11) & Miles Anthony (9).
    11th Year: Although we now have two more unexpected children, Kit and I decide to try to conceive, and we fall pregnant with twin boys! Romeo Quinton & Greyson Finn
    12th Year: Enough with the babies already! This year we adopt a gorgeous Maine Coon Kitten and name him Timo.
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    Feb 2012
    United Kingdom
    LN - McCollough

    DH - Owen Malloy

    DW - Nora Lucille

    Married in 2014. Decide we would like to travel and decide to go visit Owen's family in Nova Scotia. We decide to move there.

    2015 - We adopt a kitten. We call her Meredith She looks like this...
    (Actually my cat)

    2016 - We decide to adopt (12). We have an open adoption. It's a boy. His name is Finley Arlo McCollough (Finn)

    2017 - Asked to help plan a wedding. The end result looks like this...

    2018 - It's twin boys (7). Their names are Jasper Milo and Sawyer Reid McCollough

    2019 - We adopt a puppy! It's a white Labrador. We name her Marlee

    2020 - We have a baby boy (1). His name is Ezra Isaac

    2021 - We move to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We buy a house that looks like this...

    2022 - We are Unsuccessful at TTC. We buy a car.

    2023 - We have a baby boy (1). Henry Levi

    2024 - We go on vacation to a foreign country. Spain.

    2025 - We have a twin girls. Aria Juliette and Willa Harper

    2026 - We have triplets. A boy and two girls. Their names are. Judah Samuel, Isla Esme and Elena Evangeline.

    Our family is complete.

    Owen and Nora
    Finley Arlo
    Jasper Milo
    Sawyer Reid
    Ezra Isaac
    Henry Levi
    Aria Juliette
    Willa Harper
    Judah Samuel
    Isla Esme
    Elena Evangeline

    Marlee the dog and Meredith the cat.

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