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    What do you think of Ramona?

    What kind of person do you think of when you hear the name?

    Does it go well with other names that I love like Julian, Edmund, Vincent, Beatrix, Eloise, Willa, etc?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I really like Ramona and it goes well with your names!

    I have a hard time associating much with it beyond the Beverly Cleary character. But she was a cute and spunky girl, so that's not bad. I guess I think about the Ramones, too, so there's this subtle edge.

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    I love Ramona and I also agree it goes well with your names except maybe Willa. Willa reminds me of Willow which has a more hippie vibe than the rest of the names.

    When I think of Ramona I think of Maggie Gyllenhaal because that is her daughter's name.

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    Ramona is so solid is spunky, one of my favorites. I have also been liking Ramola & Ramolda lately.
    Ramona fits right in to your other favorites i think, but, like Lisaan i think Willa doesnt. Too moderish feel against your vintage.

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    Ramona is one of my favorites, and I think it goes wonderfully with your other names. I really love the combination Ramona Willa, actually.
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