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    Noah...for a girl?

    Hi all! First post here, looks like a pretty cool place.

    Anyway. Long story short, I want to name my daughter Noah, after my brother. I know it’s a pretty masculine name and apparently some people REALLY care about what other people name their kids (I asked a couple of questions about it on Yahoo Answers…), so I’m trying to get other opinions on it. We’ve thought about Noelle or Norah instead but don’t quite like them enough, and we’ve considered Noa but my husband thinks it looks awkward and everyone will always misspell it. We keep coming back to Noah, and the more I say it and think about it the more I can see it being feminine, especially with a girly middle name.
    Could Noah be used for a girl, or is it too weird?

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    Welcome to Nameberry!

    I'm one of those people that is pretty emphatic for boys' names (and unisex names) to stay with the boys... but that being said, in the Bible, Noah is obviously a huge Bible character... even a lot of people who aren't Christians at least know that there was a Noah in the Bible. However, it is a lesser-known fact that there was also a woman in the Bible named Noah (this spelling, too). They were Noah, Mahlah, Tirzah, Milcah, and Hoglah. Noa is a legitimate Hebrew girls' name, but apparently, the Noah spelling is, too. I don't like the idea that Noah could go to the girls' and I could lose another favorite boys' name, but Noah seems to be a legitimate girls' name so I don't see why you couldn't use it if that's what you love. I do like the idea of using a name like Noelle with the nn Noa/Noah... but I still think you could just do Noah if you want to, though.

    Good luck!
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    I think there could be a lot of confusion, but it's not totally un-usable. What about Nova or Nona? You could also use your brother's initials to honor him

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    Noah feels like a definite boy name to me, however you have a very personal reason wanting to use it so who cares what anyone else thinks. If I were going to use it I would use the Noa spelling though. She will already have a unique name for a girl so people will ask the spelling anyway. I would not assume the n-o-a-h spelling would be intuitive if it were a girl. Either way, go for it if you love it!

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    I've known a female Noah so I think it's very useable. It helps that she was a great person and beautiful too. I have Noemi nn Noa on my list so obviously I have no qualms! Good Luck!

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