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Thread: Coachella Names

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    Coachella Names

    This year’s Coachella pretty much has my dream line up. I love so many of the artists that are playing, and I would do anything to go. However, that is impossible, so I indulged myself in researching all of the acts playing thoroughly. I came across several names I loved and noticed a lot of repeats while going through everything.

    The band with the best names would have to go, in my opinion, to Pulp. I may be a bit biased, as I love Pulp, but they have a few names that are just so British and lovely:
    And formerly members named Magnus, Antony, and Captain.
    They also have Candida and formerly a Saskia.

    Other names that caught my eye were:
    Alessandro (Alesso)
    Amon (Amon Tobin)
    Thibaut (Breakbot)
    Wylie (Dawes)
    Munaf (Explosions in the Sky)
    Kirby (Givers)
    Fernando (Hello Seahorse!)
    Kendrick (Kendrick Lamar)
    Hugo (Madeon)
    Graham X2 (Madness)
    Yann (M83)
    Loic (M83)
    Fadil (R3hab)
    Faris (The Horrors)
    Vito (The Rapture)
    Leot (The Sheepdogs)
    Lasse (Wolf Gang)
    Rakim (A$AP ROCKY)
    Azealia (Azealia Banks)
    Reginald (Bon Iver)
    Asaf (Borgore)
    Fisher (Destroyer)
    Efrim (Godspeed You! Black Empire)
    Mauro (Godspeed You! Black Empire)
    Thierry (Godspeed You! Black Empire)
    Jacques (Jacque Lu Cont)
    Sergio (Kabasian)
    Pontus (Miike Snow)
    Leopold (The Big Pink)
    Zan (The Big Pink)
    Yuuki (The Shins)
    Merrill (tUnEyArDs)
    Abraham (AraabMuzik)
    Bernie (At the Drive-in)
    Perrin (Beirut)
    Amos (Fanfarlo)
    Leon (Fanfarlo)
    Johanna (First Aid Kit)
    Klara (First Aid Kit)
    Florence (Florence + the Machine)
    Wouter (Gotye)
    Gaspard (Justice)
    Porter (Porter Robinson)
    Santi (Santigold)
    Pelle (The Hives)
    Abel (The Weeknd)

    There were names that repeated many times like Nick/Nic/Nicolas (12), Sebastian (4), Ben/Benny/Benjamin (7), Andrew (4), and Chris/Christofer/Christopher/Christian (20).
    Names that, for me, aren’t anything special, but still gain a new light because of the artist include
    Laura: I love Laura Marling (plus her middle name is Beatrice! Laura Beatrice Marling!), so while I know three Lauras and a handful of Laurens, this name still feels happy and fresh to me because of her. Her folky sound gives it a more eclectic sound to my ears.

    Matthew: M. Ward’s full name is Matthew Stephen Ward, and even though Matthew is a quite popular choice, I know associate it with the wonder that is M. Ward.

    The last thing I noticed were names in the titles of bands, and these include:

    Shelly (Keep Shelly in Athens)
    Augustine (We Are Augustines)
    Alesso (okay, so this one is the stage name of Alessandro Linblad, but it would make such a cute nickname for Alessandro)
    Mazzy: (Mazzy Star) could be used as a nickname for Mazarine, or maybe on its own for bolder parents.
    Sebastian (SebastiAn)
    Grace (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals)
    Fitz (Fitz and the Tantrums)
    Florence (Florence + the Machine)

    So what do you think? Anything you'd use? Anything you love or hate?
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    Love Fitz and the Tantrums for the name alone! I like Kirby on a girl, except I knew a girl called Kirby once and she was...Not the nicest person...

    Jarvis is cool, and I knew a Saskia in school which I used to think was the weirdest name ever.
    I always feel sorry for people called Candida...

    I WISH I could go to Coachella!!

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    Not name related but I love Pulp too! Mazzy Star's real name is Hope Sandoval she used to date one of the brothers (I think Jim) from The Jesus and Mary Chain
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    lauren-kay: Same on Kirby. I like it, but every time I hear it I think of that one girl...

    thetxbelle: Really? Only a few people I know even know who Pulp is, and I've only found one other person that shares my love in real life. I knew Mazzy Star's name was Hope, but I know so many Hopes that it's sort of... blah now.
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    My son is Leopold, so a favorite here. We almost named him August, Augustus, Augustine.
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