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    (Usable) Names from fairy tales?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for names that are from fairy tales, but are still usable for a baby/child/woman. Or names from literature, that aren't well known.

    My list;

    Lyra (Pullman series)

    I'm stumped!

    (No need to iterate the Disney princesses, though)

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    I always loved Jorinda from Grimm's "Jorinda and Joringel" about a sister and brother.

    From literature...

    Perdita (A Winter's Tale) by Shakespeare; I've always pn it "per-DEE-tah," but heard it pn as "PER-dih-tah" on the audio version of the fourth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, but I don't like that pn at all!)
    Current Favorites (in no particular order)

    Girls: Susannah, Mahalia, Cassia, Tosca, Petra, Yael, Jerusha, Jewel, Rose, Dove, Kate, and Eve
    Boys: Gideon, Gabriel, Rafael, Dominic, Benedict, Abraham, Desmond, Theodore, Tobias, Jonathan, Mordecai, and Sebastian
    Guilty Pleasures: Aurelia, Cosima, Eowyn, Neytiri, Rukia / Remy, Gryffin, Sam, Eddard, and Judah

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    If we're going with a name that most people think means "pig", then "lost" isn't that bad! I do love A Winter's Tale!

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    Fairy tale names? Or mythology names? I've always loved Olwen, from Welsh tales. I also love Gerda, from the Snow Queen (and it was also my grandmother's name) and Solveig, from Norse tales. My favourite European/Grimm tale was Snow White and Rose Red, but I guess you could go with Neve for Snow.

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