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    saraallison Guest
    I really agree with @Shay! Elle doesn't feel so unique because of all the variations of it that are so popular! Not trying to irritate you; trying to help you feel better about using a different name if you decide to! This situation happened to me with a sil and it does suck. My girl name was Lily and I comfort myself that I wouldn't have used it anyway because it has gotten so popular. Also now that I have my daughter I absolutely cannot picture her as a Lily. Her name, Madeline, is perfect for her. So hope this happens for you. Tess was my suggestion for you but it's already been suggested.
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    I´d look for another name. You deserve to have a name you absolutely love and now, given the situation, even if you use Elle is just won´t be the same. It will be overshadowed by worries about whether your other friends will talk or your friend will get upset, etc. It isn´t worth it. I know that it seems like you will never find another perfect name, but I know you will. I too am battling pregnancy hormones and I too had to discard my absolute favorite name (River). I was given the awful scrunchy face by absolutely everyone I know for our soon to be little boy.. so much so that there was no choice, but to go looking for another name. I thought it would be impossible and I just didn´t love any name my husband suggested, but then he fell in love and once he started talking to the baby by his "name" (Oliver) it slowly but surely started to making me swoon a bit too. I won´t lie to not totally sold... I can´t entirely picture myself with an Oliver in 10 years, but when people call him by his name and I associate it with his sonogram pictures or I imagine him curled up on his dad´s shoulder with his little baby butt in the crook of his father´s arm I like it more and more and I´m sure it will be complete once I get to hold him in my arms. Just keep trying things on... even for days at a time and you will find something that fits her to a tee so much that like some other posters you will realize Elle was never reeeallly her name. I for one like the suggestions people have given you especially Calla and Luna. Something like Nella or Nora would also be cute.


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    What about Vera or Elsa (Elle-sa ) or even True... I think True or even Rue would be adorable

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    What about Nola?

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    How about Tess? Or Tessa. I always loved this name, but my cousin used it so I'll never consider it.

    Or how about Belle? I know a little girl (about 4) named Belle. Not Bella or Isabella or Isobel, etc. Just Belle. I thought it was kind of refreshing.

    Other ideas could be Ada, Skye, Adair, Aria, Cora, Faye. Good luck!

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