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    I think you have a great many wonderful suggestions here, my favorites are Belle and Calla. Since you like Lila, I would add Layla, I know a 15 year old Layla and it's just so sweet and chic.

    Either way, I second that you will find your new perfect name, one that will eventually trump Elle, even making your friend envious of your brilliance ;)

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    I want to echo others and say Belle is beautiful and seems perfect for you. I wouldn't use Elle, especially since you both have the same last name. My second favorite that has been suggested is Eve.

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    The obvious solution is to find out what your friend plans to name her NEXT daughter, and use that!

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    lol at the last posters comment!!! too funny.

    Eve is really pretty, but not if you want Elle as the middle.

    Evelyn Belle?

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    Of everything I read I truly LOVE the suggestion Lila Noelle. Stunning. DO IT DO IT!

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