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    How about..

    Elliette? It is my family members name and we called her Elly or Elle.

    It's a cute twist on a boy name made feminine. Everyone loves it.

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    I'm so sorry! That's absolutely horrible. You've gotten a lot of great suggestions and I can't really think of anything to add... except for one name. Eliza keeps coming back to me. It has the same spunk as Elle, imo, and is just as ultra-feminine, while being different enough. I don't know if it's been suggested yet, but I figured I'd share anyway.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you find your perfect name! For what it's worth, I adore Lila and the only one I know is a very distant cousin's daughter. She spells it Lyla, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gblondie View Post
    Ava was actually going to be my son's name if he was a girl, but that was 12 years ago - before it got so popular. Then my cousin named her daughter Ava about 6 years ago, knowing full well that it had been my girl choice. I was slightly annoyed, but by that time I didn't care very much. It had gotten too popular. I do still like the name Ava, though, so I guess I am a little irked that I can't even consider it now. Part of my problem with naming this baby is I feel like all of the good names have been taken!

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    Quote Originally Posted by c@29 View Post
    I always love Elle. And yes, I think you should keep it, maybe for middle name or a part of name (like elle from Gabrielle, Danielle, etc) if it can't be the fn.
    Short and feminine?
    What about :
    and Luna. have you consider it? It's a part of my own name and usually I never suggest mine to others, but I think it really fits your criteria. short, sweet, classic, pretty and ultra-feminine.
    I would LOVE to still use Elle for a middle name - if I could find the right first name to go with it! Someone mentioned Sophie Elle. I think that sounds pretty...except my niece's name is Sophie! For Elle to be a middle name, the first name would have to be at least 2 syllables, and it doesnt work with Lila. There HAVE been lots of great suggestions here, though. I do sort of like the name Lucy, but if I named my child Lucy, I'd be doing the exact same thing to another friend that the Elle friend did to me. That friend has all boys and wants a daughter named Lucy someday. I know she may never get her, but I also how hard that was for me, and I care about this friend a lot so I am not going to do that to her. Plus, I only LIKE Lucy...not sure I LOVE it. Anne is pretty, but it's my sister's name. I'd definitely consider it for a middle name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    i had a name stolen too- i feel your pain!! good luck. when i had my daughter i realized that the name i originally wanted to use wasn't very 'her' anyway! the name we did pick (that throughout my pregnancy i didn't feel 100% sure of and didn't think i would ever love as much as the stolen name) is so perfect for my beautiful daughter- so now it's my favorite name in the world.
    Maybe this will happen to me and she will look more like Lila (or another name if I can find one) than Elle. I hope so, because I am having a really hard time letting go of Elle.

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