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    Im sorry to hear that, thats not a nice thing to happen. Whether accident or not, it does hurt.
    Personally, I think Eve, Eva, Ava, Lilla and Mia are beautiful names.
    You will find a name that you love, it might not be till the little one arrives, but it will suit the child perfectly. And then it will be your perfect name for them
    Good luck for the future decisions! x

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    Yes, EEW are horrible initials but I can't help adding that, since you say you have the same last name as your namenapper, your little Elle's initials would have been EW -- not good either! So another way she did you a favor (and probably a reason not to use Eve....)

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    I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but since you like Belle, but can't use it because of your cousin what about Annabelle/Annabel or Eloise (it kind of sounds like Elle)? Just throwing it out there
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

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    My eldest daughter's name is Zara, short but elegant. My husband picked it and I wasn't sure but she's 9 now and I couldn't imagine her having any other name but when I was pregnant the name I originally wanted for her was stolen... I'm glad now!

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    I think that you should still with Elle. If you just can't, then you could use it as a middle.

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