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    Changing Theodore's middle name from Blake to Lake?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I need some advice. I'm thinking of changing my 3 month old son's middle name. We named him Theodore Blake. His first name I love, and is perfect for many reasons. DH is Greek so we wanted something to honor his Greek heritage but that would also be somewhat international and sound good in many languages (I speak French, English and Spanish)... And we had Theo in mind long before our son was born.

    We only finalized our decision on Theodore 2-3 days after he was born, I then had a very short deadline to come up with his middle name. DH left the middle name up to me because he didn't really believe in middle names in the first place. I perused through my endless lists and kept putting off my decision and ultimately was forced to just chose something kind of last minute one morning. I went with Blake because my mom and I thought from the list, it was the one that just sounded best with Theodore. But that was the only reason. It felt like picking his name out of a hat. Though I like the name fine, it's been bugging me to no end that his middle name has no real significance or joy for me.

    For years I always thought I would chose something more out-there, risky, fun for the middle slot. Something meaningful and slightly gutsy. Something that I loved; a guilty pleasure, but also strong. Word and nature names are more my style. I'm also bothered by the overall effect of his name, sounds a bit too "proper" for me, not enough personaity or edge. So I've been having some major remorse over the fact that I failed to give my son a name that I LOVED. I'm always sad about it, it's hanging over me, and my regret hasn't faded.

    I had a dream when he was about 6 weeks old that his middle name was Lake. And ever since I haven't been able to put it out of my mind. Lake to me evokes something very special and close to my heart. I grew up surrounded by lakes, went on many canoe trips on lakes (some of my happiest memories) I love the sound of it, the clean, pure, crisp feelings it evokes, I love everything about it. And bonus: sounds like Blake.

    DH is majorly opposed to the idea of changing his name. I think because it seems indecisive and is a bit embarrassing. He also has grown to love his middle name. Our son is lovingly called Theo, Teddy and Blakey by different people. My take is "who cares what people think"... isn't it worth it to have a name I love?

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    I guess my first question is, how much trouble is it going to be to change? (for a 1 letter, middle name change, much less)

    Isn't it special that your mom helped pick his middle name? And that your husband likes it, and family calls him by that already?
    I guess my first reaction was to just leave it, but if you decide it's important enough to change, do it asap to avoid confusion.

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    If it weren't for people calling him Blakey and your husband loving it, I'd say change it, but if people love it and call him BLakey I'd just leave it alone.
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    Before I read your post I thought Theodore Blake sounded more lovely. But when I read the part about your dream I couldnt help but think "Blake is still more lovely".
    Good luck with your decision!

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    I think it's neat that Lake is part of the middle name already (within Blake). Perhaps that could just make Blake more special: that it encompasses all those marvelous things you love about lakes AND is loved by your husband and used by people who love him. I think the B in Blake really sets Theodore Blake off, where Theodore Lake sounds more like a feature on a map. Maybe there are ways of connecting to Blake (like attaching those lake sentiments to Blake, digging into some of William Blake's poetry, etc?). Changing does seem like a bit of trouble for one letter in the middle when "lake" is already in the name, but if you find it very meaningful (and your husband gets on board), I say, "Hey, why not?" I would probably recommend, like kerrie, that it's best done sooner rather than later if people are calling him Blakey though... Good luck!

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