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    Thanks everyone! Rebeccaroo, Cameo does that doesnt it, just 'sticks' haha, such a pity coincedence about the web page, ick! maybe as a middle name seeing as your friends and family dont like it aswell, although who knows it might stick to them in time.

    I never use to like the Gil part in Gilda aswell but thats disapeared now.

    Im not religious so i dont have any bad connetations with Saul.

    Thanks again!
    any one else ?

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    Gilda - Reminds me of Hilda or Glinda? Both witches, and so it makes me think of a witch, a good one though? NMS

    Cameo - I like this actually, but I wouldn't use it myself

    Saul - I was brought up Christian, though I am not any longer, I still get the negative connotations of this name, and can't get past them, either way it's NMS.

    Elanore - Dislike the spelling, but love Eleanor. Such a cute name! Reminds me of the chipmunk, always has always will.

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    Gilda - I agree with kibby, it makes me think of witches.

    Cameo - It's cute, but I can't imagine meeting a 15-year-old Cameo.

    Saul - Nope. I don't think I would ever use it, and it's not my style.

    Elanore - I would automatically think her name was spelled Eleanor or Elinor. Kind of makes me think of Eeyore when it's spelled that way.
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    Hello! I think that you have an interesting list.

    Gilda - It's definetly not my style. Maybe it could work as a middle name for something longer, and timeless.

    Cameo - I don't find it appealing at all.

    Saul - I like it. It's classic, and strong. but I wouldn't use it

    Elanore - I prefer Eleanor or Eleonora. This spelling seems weird to me, but it's a beutiful name
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