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    Are these names "serious" enough?

    Hi all,
    I'm due in October and despite being a bit name-obsessed for the last few years, now that it comes down to naming an actual human, I'm struggling.
    My three year old daughter is Estella Marie, what I've had in my head and my heart since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it was my favorite for so long that everything else pales in comparison to me.
    Our naming tradition is to give each child his or her own first name, and then a middle name from the family (or a modified version of a family name). I kind of like the idea of your family having your back, but you get to be your own person first. Estella is middle-named after my sister Marielle (originally planned on calling her Ella, so Ella Marie was closer to Marielle than Estella ended up being, but what can you do?)
    Anyway, if I have another girl, my frontrunners are:
    Eloise Kate (after my mother Kathleen; bonus that we get two E names, which I kind of like because my sister and I are bo)
    Penelope Kate (as above, clearly; bonus that my mother-in-law is Greek, so Penelope is a nice connection, minus that it's a bit popular)
    June Francesca (after my father Francis)

    Last name sounds like Grello.

    All that blabbering leads up to my question: are these names "serious" enough? I read that you should be able to picture your child as a supreme court justice with their name, and I'm not sure that these would work (then again, does Estella? I'm not sure). It's sometimes difficult to remember that a baby name is also an adult name.

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    Estella Marie is a beautiful name. It will lend itself very well to a child, and as she grows it will be a name she won't cringe at when she's typing up her resume. Don't over-think it; you've got a winner right in front of you.

    I'm not a fan of the name Kate as a formal name. It's a nickname to me, not something I want to see on a resume. However, the first names are very nice and hold up well on their own.
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    I think the name you've chosen are very lovely! And perfectly serious enough.

    Personally, I can't see any name but "Maude" or "Victoria" or "Catherine" serious enough for a Supreme Court Justice (and those are just too serious for me). I try a different trick to decide on a name. If you don't feel ridiculous giving the cashier at Starbucks the name you've chosen for your little one to write on your coffee cup as your own name, then I think it's a name that'll work. (Did that make sense? I think I turned that into a tongue twister.)

    Most names will sound ridiculous on a president or a judge. My name is Olivia and it sounds a bit prissy for president. But everyone seems to love it! So that "imagine the name on a judge" is just too silly for me.

    Beautiful choices!

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    From the two you have, I think either of those could certainly work on a Supreme Court justice (although like livytoo I use a less judicial way of deciding what's usable). I would not use Eloise with Estella, though. I know of several little Eloise's called Ella/Ellie, which could also be a nickname for Estella. Estella Marie is GORGEOUS, by the way!

    I like June Francesca (or Francesca June!) the best for you. Penelope and Eloise both have that EL- syllable that I find a bit matchy with Estella. And with a last name that sounds like Grello it's a lot of El-. Just my opinion! Good luck!
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    A follow up question on June. Is it weird that she would be born in October?

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