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    Help! I can't tell anymore!

    I feel like I have looked at names so long that I have no judgement. So, Claudia. Boring name that you heard relatively often in the 80's and 90's? Or classic, quirky, underused name that you would be excited to see on a little girl?

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    I think it's a great choice! The only thing I don't like is the meaning.
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    I dont think its bad, a little dated, I think Claudiane is a nice alternative!
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    I'm just not a fan. I don't really see the appeal. Also, it means "lame" wether or not it is the "lame" I'm thinking of, that's what I think of.

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    Yeah, I don't like it.
    It seems dated to me, and i'd think it odd if I met a little Claudia

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