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    Rowan - I love Rowan for both sexes. But I'm not liking how popular it's getting.
    Lola - In my opinion, Lola won't age well.
    Ruby - Ruby is cute, but I also don't think it will age well.
    Dahlia - I love Dahlia! Although, it reminds me of The infamous Black Dahlia Murder. Which, for me, isn't a bad thing...but I'm weird.
    Delilah - I'm iffy about this name. I sometimes like it, sometimes don't.
    Violet - Love Violet!
    Zoe - I think Zoe is absolutely gorgeous on a little girl, but in my opinion, it won't age well.
    India - Love love love India!
    Hazel - Adore!
    Alice - Very elegant and classic.
    Sage - Love Sage as a girls name! I don't like it at all on aboy.
    Phoebe - Cute!
    Sasha - Sasha is adorable! I think the Sascha spelling makes it feel more masculine.

    Bear - I don't like it, nor do I hate it. Someone named Bear goes to my school, so I always think of him.
    Bodhi - Love Bodhi but don't think it would age well.
    Ronan - Not my style at all.
    Rufus - Same as above.
    Miles - Sometimes I love Miles, sometimes I don't. It's very hot and cold.
    Oscar - So adorable!
    Jasper - Love Jasper!
    Levi - I prefer Levi as a middle name.
    I don't like Soren or Simon at all, but Alistair and Oliver!
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    Rowan -I really like Rowan. I think it needs a really soft feminine middle name. I like it with Grace, Elizabeth, or Violet. But, I think it works better as a middle name.
    Lola -I love the name Lola. But it's rather short and nickname-ish. I've thought about using it as a nickname.
    Ruby -My great aunt was actually named Ruby Lola, which I love. I think Ruby is a wonderful, fun name. Ruby Alice, or Ruby Hazel could be cute.
    Dahlia -I also really love Dahlia. I like Dahlia Rowan a lot.
    Delilah -Delilah is gorgeous. I like it has such beautiful flow. Delilah Rowan is pretty. I've always loved the idea of Delilah Natalie. and Lilah is such a great nickname.
    Violet -Another favorite of mine. Love Violet Rowan. I love the flow of Violet Mae or Violet Austen.
    Zoe -I like Zoe, but it is sort of lacking in substance. I think it would make a wonderful middle name.
    India -Love India. So pretty. India Rowan, India Sage, and India Zoe could all work. I love India Elizabeth, personally.
    Hazel -Hazel Grace is a name that owns my heart right now. I also love Hazel Sage or Hazel Olivia.
    Alice -Great classic. I love it as a middle name. Rowan Alice or India Alice. As a first name I love Alice Elizabeth or Alice Olivia.
    Sage -I think Sage is so short it works best in the middle name spot. Alice Sage, Rowan Sage, and Phoebe Sage all have nice flow.
    Phoebe -Pheobe is cute, but not my favorite on your list. I like it, but I prefer Violet, Dahlia etc. Phoebe Alice and Phoebe Sage do have nice flow.
    Sasha -I really like it. Sasha Rowan could work. Or Violet Sasha. I love Sasha Clementine.


    Bear -Bear is a tough one. It doesn't feel like a name. I have a friend who gave her son Bear as a middle name and it's what he goes by. I think if you're going to use Bear, it works best that way because then he has a "professional" first name. Ronan Bear or Soren Bear. I love Alistair Bear or Oliver Bear.
    Bodhi -I like Bodhi, but don't LOVE it. Bodhi Miles or Bodhi Levi sound nice.
    Ronan -Ronan is a great option. Maya and Ronan look and sound nice together.
    Rufus -I really love Rufus. Rufus Levi or Rufus Alistair. Love them.
    Miles -Miles is a favorite of mine. I think it works with many different middle names and has a great sound. Might be slightly matchy with Maya. But I don't think that's too much of a problem.
    Oscar -I'm not a huge fan of Oscar. It just lacks something for me. I prefer Miles or Ronan.
    Jasper -I like Jasper a lot, but I feel like it's such a Twilight trend right now that it kind of turns me off. All in all it's a great name though.
    Levi -I love Levi. It's short, but strong and has really nice flow with most middle names.
    I love Soren, Oliver, and Alistair. Those are actually my favorites of you boy names.

    Favorites for a girl- Dahlia, Ruby, Violet, India, Hazel, Delilah.
    Favorites for a boy- Oliver, Alistair, Miles, Soren, Ronan, Levi.
    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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    Rowan-I have this name on my list too but its on my boys list. Sorry! I like it better for a boy.
    Lola--Not much of a fan this is a dog at a house I clean for. Again Sorry.
    Ruby--I think this is adorable. It would be great on a child with red hair for sure but I think it is super adorable on a burnette
    Dahlia--NMSAA but it is ok
    Delilah--Now I don't know how religious you are but it is in the bible and she is not known for good things but it is still a wonderful name and I would so use it my self if my last name did not begin with a D and my dh was not as religious, he is more so than me.
    Violet--This is pretty but not my style.
    Zoe--Oh how I have loved this name but my last name ends in EE sound so almost any of those EE ending fn's are totally out for me but I really hope someone will be able to use it!! It is beautiful.
    India--I love place names but my dh hates them this is one of my favorites!!
    Hazel--This one and the next have family significants to me. I may use this as one of the mn options for my child someday.
    Alice--Same as Hazel
    Sage--I really liked this one a few years ago but it has lost its luster for me to use it but it is still a lovely name.
    Phoebe--OMG I have been on love with this name for ages but I mentioned it to my dh and he nixed it so I hope someone can use it. I love it!!
    Sasha--This one is not a favorite although generally I love Russian names but I knew a girl with this name once and she totally ruined it for me. Bummer cause it is very pretty. I hope it works for you.


    Bear--No no please no! So Sorry but that is totally an animal to me.
    Bodhi--Nope again this seems Indian not Finnish.
    Ronan--My dh really likes this name too. Spelled Ronin though but he likes it because it is a Ninja of sorts. Lol!!
    Rufus--This is all dog to me sorry.
    Miles--Same as Rufus
    Oscar--Now I am warming up to this one but dh nixed it too so I can't use it but would love to see some kids in my kids classes someday to have this name.
    Jasper--THis is my ultimate boy name love!!!!! I probably will not get to use it cause dh hates it.
    Levi--I like western names but not this one for some reason. I don't know why other than it is popular.

    Soren--This is cool but not sure about it. I want to like it though.
    Simon--Too biblical for me to like it.
    Alistair--This is on my fn list and it is pretty high up there on the list probably in the top 10 if I could get dh to help me eliminate names now. Ahhh! lol!!
    Oliver--I like this one too like Oscar.

    I really hope this helps you out. Here are some others that you might like too that I can't use but hope someone can:


    Novia (Nah-Vee-uh)
    Sinead (sin-aid)
    Siorse (sear-cee)
    Brigitte (bri-gj-ee-t)

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    Rowan - its ok
    Lola - I love Lola!
    Ruby - cute
    Dahlia - Never liked this name
    Delilah - Very cute! one of my husbands favs
    Violet - Love!
    Zoe - Dont know why I dislike this name a lot
    India - Its ok
    Hazel - Love it!
    Alice - NMS
    Sage - No
    Phoebe -NMS
    Sasha/Sascha - Dislike


    Bear - No
    Bodhi -NMS but its ok
    Ronan - Love it!
    Rufus - Rufus Doofus... NO!
    Miles - cute
    Oscar - Love Oscar
    Jasper - LOVE!!!
    Levi - Another one I love
    Soren - Like it
    Simon - It's ok.
    Alistair - LOOOOOVE
    Oliver - YES!
    ♥ Maria

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    Thank you for the is helping me weed out the ones that won't work..
    Some more background..he loves Oona and Olive..but my sister is Olivia..I was reading the baby name bible and found out that Lilya is finnish and that has been on my list for a while.. I love Lily but it is out of control popular..we both like Chloe too...
    He doesn't want names with more than 3 syllables no double barreled names..and one middle name grr I love 2 middle names..

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